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Red Borneo kratom is a special variety that is highly regarded by all true connoisseurs of red kratom. The powder of this type is maximally aimed at calming, relaxing your nervous system. Its sedative effect is much more pronounced than that of the other variety. Such characteristics of this variety are manifested due to its place of origin - the jungle of Borneo. A very humid, warm climate forms Kratom, which is similar to other species, but also has its own characteristics.

What is the difference between red Borneo kratom and other species?

Red Borneo can be considered unique in its kind. Like all other varieties of this plant, it can have a stimulating effect. When properly dosed, Borneo Red first gives a stimulating effect, which in a short period of time gives way to a relaxing one. Therefore, this type, unlike other varieties of kratom, can be consumed in the evening, at the end of a hard and busy day. Along with a calming and relaxing effect, red Borneo has an analgesic effect. Alternative medicine enthusiasts often use it as a pain reliever. Red Borneo is often used to treat depression or, conversely, to increase nervous excitability. The amount of powder should be calculated so that it does not exceed the daily dose. After using the red Borneo, it is not recommended to drive a vehicle or perform work that requires increased attention. It is also not recommended to mix different powders as they have different effects. Both of them can neutralize each other or give an unexpected side reaction. Depending on how your body reacts to taking the powder or pills, the red variety can even achieve a hypnosedative effect. We are happy to help everyone find the right dosage for this special strain. We are sure that everyone will like this variety of kratom with its properties. You will become a fan of this unique variety.

  • Billi Eldirym

    Billi Eldirym

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    Nov 18, 22, 12:08 AM

    Recipe for depression: Red Borneo + Chopin and Schubert
  • arpwi


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    Jul 29, 22, 6:55 AM

    Chic all)) it is not even worth describing anything, before me it has been done by dozens of people, leaving their positive reviews of the product of this store.
  • Ander Fox

    Ander Fox

    star icon5

    May 26, 22, 3:07 AM

    Hey, have you tried Green Thai yet? If not, be sure to order! I give you my word that you will not regret it! It's just awesome stuff! just top !!!
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