• Valery Kashirsky

    Valery Kashirsky

    star icon3

    Feb 24, 23, 5:23 AM

    I tried this variety at a dose of two teaspoons with a slide in a thermos with lemon juice, after 30 minutes I felt the heat spill over the body, there is an analgesic effect, but it is not suitable for me, and does not last long, I prefer Thai green on this site here acquired, the flight is complete, but I mixed red with a Thai elephant, then I liked it more
  • Rosa0


    star icon5

    Feb 10, 23, 6:31 PM

    Two teaspoons with a small slide create a lot of warmth, a feeling of peace and relaxation. The sense of aesthetics increases, the music is perceived deeper. After a couple of hours, there is a slight stimulation, so it is better to drink in the morning. I brew it with honey and lemon, let it brew for an hour and a half.
  • Lina Smitt

    Lina Smitt

    star icon5

    Jan 10, 23, 12:33 PM

    Everything is just super! They sent it very quickly! Quality fire !!! I advise everyone !!! from one spoon it was a cool effect, thank you very much! I absolutely love it!
  • Mary


    star icon4

    Dec 30, 22, 7:31 PM

    Red Borneo Nice kratom. Very soft effect. Doesn't cause nausea (I often have this side effect from kratom). My usual dosage is 1 flat teaspoon (for Malay Green kratom). For red borneo kratom, I prefer the dosage of 1 rounded teaspoon.
  • Oleksandr Tark

    Oleksandr Tark

    star icon3

    Dec 10, 22, 9:52 AM

    the most invigorating variety, ideal for a productive morning. I take it mainly, I really feel that I can redo many useful things.
  • Enriko Sargonik

    Enriko Sargonik

    star icon3

    Dec 4, 22, 11:20 AM

    You know, in '93 I returned from the army and was a little confused. I did not see my future, it was foggy ... I did not know what to do, and for what ... In general, something like this I started to use soft drugs and go through my life. After 4 years, I found out about Kratom. In general, with the help of my friends and Kratom, I got down from drugs and now I make good money and eat a teaspoon a couple of times a week
  • Incognito


    star icon4

    Nov 29, 22, 6:28 PM

    The store works great. good product
  • Allegro Pontedra

    Allegro Pontedra

    star icon3

    Nov 24, 22, 9:15 PM

    My favorite strain. I do not understand why he does not have the maximum level of euphoria. For me, this is the most euphoric strain.
  • Billi Eldirym

    Billi Eldirym

    star icon3

    Nov 17, 22, 11:08 PM

    Recipe for depression: Red Borneo + Chopin and Schubert
  • Evgenia


    star icon5

    Oct 27, 22, 11:57 PM

    The store is super, kratom is excellent, everything is clear, fast, high quality.
  • Andrej Koval

    Andrej Koval

    star icon3

    Oct 21, 22, 8:05 AM

  • norav8385


    star icon4

    Oct 2, 22, 7:30 PM

    The variety gives a powerful analgesic effect and pleasant euphoria, I prefer to drink it in the evening, I like green mangda for work. The service of the store is excellent, they are always quickly contacted and sent.

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