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    We are always ready to listen to your requests, to your aim of kratom intaking; we would gladly give you our advice and any kind of consultation. We have a wealth of experience and a great number of clients from different countries, who we are on friendly terms with.

  • Return the money

    We are fully aware of the fact that kratom is not a pharmaceutical drug, but a natural plant. Consequently, there are the people who may not like it. In such a case, we are ready to return you the money back. We do never insist on selling and we are not going to persuade you to get the order as far as we are not able to return you the money back. On the contrary, we will easily do it.

  • Fast delivery

    We are able to send you the order by any post service you choose (from the fastest, but the most expensive post service to the slowest, but the cheapest one). We will discuss this matter with you and decide which delivery type is going to be the best in your case. We are also always ready to help you to get the order in your country without any delay. We are aware of all customs formalities and would always assist you in getting of your order without any risks.

  • Quality

    And the most important thing! The quality. Just trust us in the following matter: there are hundreds of kratom sellers all over the world, but just a few of them possess kratom which starts to effect after intaking just 2-3 grams of it. Once in Pontianak I tasted the kratom of a local wholesaler. I intook 10 grams (that is my usual dosage), but the effect appeared to be a rather weak one. I complained of this and he answered that his Indonesian kratom was of the highest quality, and there was an American reseller who bought tons of it. It is really frightful to think that the American people intake so much of a real crap. That is truly awful! So, just order 100 grams of our kratom and you will know what a real “quality” is.

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