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7 years ago we went to Borneo in land to find the kratom of the highest quality, which could be found on this island. We met several dozens of local farmers, saw different households, watched both insanitary conditions and beautiful houses with well-attended plantations. We tried hundreds of kratom sorts. But just several farmers possessed kratom which effected much stronger than its other sorts. Such an effect depends on many factors. Strong seedlings of a right sort, correct watering, corresponding care and drying. Finally we chose 2 suppliers, who possessed the most beautiful and well-attended plantations. Moreover, they had a professionally set system of kratom production. We have been working with them for many years. Such kratom is characterized by the highest quality. When you try our kratom, you understand that you have never tried real kratom before.

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Types of kratom

We have a rating that customers themselves form and thereby confirming or refuting the legend that red relaxes more, white gives euphoria and green stimulates

  • Kratom

    Green strain

    It is believed that green varieties give a burst of energy, a tonic effect, increases mental activity

  • Kratom

    Red strain

    Gives a boost of energy, but at the same time reduces stress. In red varieties, the effect of euphoria is less pronounced, but more relaxation

  • Kratom

    White strain

    It is the result of a combination of the best qualities of green and red varieties, as a result, we have a pronounced euphoria with moderate stimulation and relaxation

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  • stimulation
  • relaxation
  • euphoria

Our advantages

  • Consultation

    We are always ready to listen to your requests, to your aim of kratom intaking; we would gladly give you our advice and any kind of consultation.
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  • Fast delivery

    We are able to send you the order by any post service you choose (from the fastest, but the most expensive post service to the slowest, but the cheapest one).
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  • Return the money

    We are fully aware of the fact that kratom is not a pharmaceutical drug, but a natural plant. Consequently, there are the people who may not like it.
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  • Quality

    And the most important thing! The quality. Just trust us in the following matter: there are hundreds of kratom sellers all over the world
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  • Kratom tablets and pills - Buy online | Kratomhelper

    Kratom tablets and pills - Buy online | Kratomhelper

    Everyone evaluates the comfort and convenience of the environments we spend our lives. It is the feature we expect to meet in all the things we deal with, be it various supplements, medicines or vitamins, or whatsoever. Well, the same situation is with kratom. This issue concerns kratom powder. Not many people like it. Ever despite its effectiveness. Therefore, a lot of people prefer kratom capsules or kratom pills to powder.
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  • Is Kratom Legal?

    Is Kratom Legal?

    The use of Kratom is very beneficial as it helps with anxiety, pain, energy levels, and mood improvement. The controversy surrounding the legality of kratom, on the other hand, is depressing as millions of people who need it will have restricted access to it. Some countries have classified it as an illegal substance due to the lack of research and studies on it as well as the lack of FDA approval.
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  • All about Kratom

    All about Kratom

    Kratom is a tropical plant which has been used traditionally in different parts of Africa and Asia. Teas brewed from Kratom leaves have been used by people in this area for hundreds of years to manage pain, wean off of opioid and stave off exhaustion.
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Kratom tea for sale

The history of the occurrence and usage of the kratom for sale

Kratom is a herb that has a multidirectional impact on a human’s organism. The effect can be both stimulating and sedative. It depends on many factors. The effects it causes are described in detail in the TYPES block. Speaking about such a kind of product, the main thing to be paid attention to is the very quality, -it’s purity and processing method. Only a reliable supplier can guarantee you an effective, quality product without unnecessary impurities. This is extremely important in terms of the safety of your health. Purchase kratom just from a steady channel.

Kratom was first time mentioned in Thailand. The tradition of its usage originated from that exotic country. But later it spread over many countries. It is believed to empower human strength and increase endurance that was so crucial for hard workers in fields. So, it was mainly used to support a man while his hard physical labor. In this regard, men consumed much more kratom than women. This was how the whole story began.

And yes, it is generally acknowledged that some types of kratom powder stimulate work activity. In 1836 kratom was the first time mentioned by the Western explorer - Mr. Lowe. He indicated that Kratom was used as an alternative to opium. Moreover, kratom for sale was much cheaper than opium.

Due to kratom’s tonic qualities, it influences a man in a way that makes him more industrious. That is why locals in Thailand prefer dealing with people who use kratom and avoid those who are detected with marijuana, which is well known for its relaxing characteristics.

Regions where kratom grows

Kratom has spread around the world from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia (Kalimantan and Sumatra islands), the Philippines (Luzon Islands, Mindanao, Mindoro), Papua New Guinea. Now Kratom is also grown in Indochina in Vietnam. In recent years, Kratom has been successfully grown outside of Thailand from the seeds and then often cloned (in Thailand it is banned, but grows everywhere in a wild, uncultured form).

In each country, Kratom has its characteristics, because of the climate, method of cultivation and processing specifics. These things change the taste and eventually lead to the transformation of the kratom’s powder effects.

Types of kratom

There are only three kinds of kratom, and each has certain properties.

Green Maeng Da is the most famous and common species. Green Maeng Da combines the beneficial properties of white and red kratom species. Its properties contain a surge of energy, tonic effect, anesthesia, improving the quality of sleep, mental activity.

Red Maeng Da. This variety of kratom powder got its name due to the crimson pigment in the petioles and veins on the back of the leaf. Red Maeng Da kratom gives a boost of energy, but at the same time reduces stress. In this variety, the effect of euphoria is less pronounced.

White Maeng Da - is the result of combining the best qualities of natural and artificial varieties. Bred to reveal the best properties of the variety Kratom White. Maeng Da possesses the characteristics of excellent energetic. But at the same time, it has mild sedative and analgesic properties. Commonly, many sellers offer much more than 3 types of powder to attract new customers with the available variety of goods range. In spite the range is offered, alas customers face low quality and fake products.

However, we consider that selling high-quality kratom doesn’t need this marketing trick at all Good products diverged from the competition. Be careful and buy quality kratom!

Kratom usage

Frequently, kratom is used in powder form. During its production, all the beneficial properties of kratom leaves are preserved. Also, when choosing kratom powder, it is easier to calculate and select the dosage individually.

The most common ways to use kratom are:

brewing tea. The advantage of this method is the ability to add various additives at your discretion to improve the taste. Besides, many argue that adding lemon to your drink enhances the effectiveness of kratom tea for sale.

kratom powder. In this way, the powder can be mixed with applesauce or yogurt to eliminate bitterness.

We are confident that brewing kratom tea reduces all the properties of this plant. The most effective way to get the maximum is to eat the kratom powder, this is the only way all the alkaloids will open up, as the water does not absorb all the alkaloids from kratom powder.

In addition to tonic properties, kratom powder and kratom tea have a variety of pharmacological properties, such as:

- kratom contains substances that actively affect the central nervous system;

- kratom powder helps to overcome nicotine addiction;

- positively affects the digestive system;

- continuation of sexual intercourse;

- wound healing and elimination of inflammatory processes;

- improvement of blood circulation.

Thereby the product we supply performs efficiently in the various spectra, as energetic support, and as a curacy for some common physical dysfunctions, or even helps to quit smoking. Such an awesome combination of treatment properties makes the product outstanding and since we started operating on the market there are no obstacles preventing customers from purchasing it in any part of the world anymore.

Nowadays, the pace of life is increasing from day today. Competition forces us to work more and the very intensity of our work has dramatically gone up. Each day the majority of us face stress, hard traffic, necessity to spend much time to get to the office and back, we make many local and overseas business trips, changing time and climatic zones. Such rush and fuss depletes us and we search for any options to recharge our batteries to keep on.

Meanwhile, we remember that not all stimulants are harmless. And we ought to think twice before using anything we might consider supporting our physical and mental resources. The product we suggest is a natural original tested way to prolong your endurance and to progress in your business while all the others are out of the game. Kratom powder is perfect for supporting the organism and increasing working capacity without using a synthetic energy drink or large doses of caffeine.

The main rules for the kratom for sale using include:

- DO NOT drink kratom with coffee and alcohol.

- If kratom is used as a sedative, you should not drive or perform work that requires increased attention and concentration.

- It is necessary to control the dose of kratom (not more than 10 g)

- Buy kratom only from trusted suppliers.

An introduction

Kratomhelper is an implementation of our pattern (narrative) idea of finding the best product of such a kind and make it available for customers over the whole world. As long as none of the powders met the high requirements we put forward for the product, it a proven challenge to purchase the really high watermark product. So, we have been working hard to change the market. and finally, we have obtained our goal.

The way we did it: 7 years ago it was decided to visit Indonesia to find those who grow and who sells the best kratom. We visited a lot of manufacturers, saw various plantations and conditions of the kratom’s manufacture. And it is completely wrong to think that all kinds of kratom are the same. Its taste and qualities depend on the conditions of cultivation, care of plants. After having tried many types of kratom, we found the best place to buy kratom for sale.

Today, we purchase kratom only from 2 suppliers in Indonesia, guaranteeing product quality. You can be sure that our kratom is significantly superior in the taste and effectiveness of any other kratom you have ever tasted.

Fast and cheap shipping and delivery

The worldwide delivery of high-quality kratom is our main goal. If you are looking for where to buy kratom in the US, then Kratomhelper is the best choice. Once deal with us you will definitely become our regular customer. We can assure you this because once you have waited for 10 days to obtain the kratom powder from the Czech Republic, you will receive the best product that meets the highest standards. And you will enjoy it. Our Kratom is out of competition across the US market due to its outstanding quality.

We do our best to make the delivery of kratom, both to the USA and to any country in the world, as quick and cheap as possible. When placing an order, you choose a delivery way that suits you the most. Nothing is impossible for us.

Where to buy Kratom tea for sale online?

If you had experience in buying kratom online, you probably found several sellers who sold kratom in your country, promising delivery in a few days. But in the end, you got fast delivery of low-grade kratom. And as the result, you get only disappointment. We are totally confident about the product we present. If under any circumstances and reasons you don’t like it we will refund you. Don't mess with different kratoms, - just try our - the real one. To provide people with the opportunity to use the real thing, - this is not just a business, this is our philosophy.

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