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7 years ago we went to Borneo in land to find the kratom of the highest quality, which could be found on this island. We met several dozens of local farmers, saw different households, watched both insanitary conditions and beautiful houses with well-attended plantations. We tried hundreds of kratom sorts. But just several farmers possessed kratom which effected much stronger than its other sorts. Such an effect depends on many factors. Strong seedlings of a right sort, correct watering, corresponding care and drying. Finally we chose 2 suppliers, who possessed the most beautiful and well-attended plantations. Moreover, they had a professionally set system of kratom production. We have been working with them for many years. Such kratom is characterized by the highest quality. When you try our kratom, you understand that you have never tried real kratom before.

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Types of kratom

We have a rating that customers themselves form and thereby confirming or refuting the legend that red relaxes more, white gives euphoria and green stimulates

  • Kratom

    Green strain

    It is believed that green varieties give a burst of energy, a tonic effect, increases mental activity

  • Kratom

    Red strain

    Gives a boost of energy, but at the same time reduces stress. In red varieties, the effect of euphoria is less pronounced, but more relaxation

  • Kratom

    White strain

    It is the result of a combination of the best qualities of green and red varieties, as a result, we have a pronounced euphoria with moderate stimulation and relaxation

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  • stimulation
  • relaxation
  • euphoria

Our advantages

  • Consultation

    We are always ready to listen to your requests, to your aim of kratom intaking; we would gladly give you our advice and any kind of consultation.
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  • Fast delivery

    We are able to send you the order by any post service you choose (from the fastest, but the most expensive post service to the slowest, but the cheapest one).
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  • Return the money

    We are fully aware of the fact that kratom is not a pharmaceutical drug, but a natural plant. Consequently, there are the people who may not like it.
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  • Quality

    And the most important thing! The quality. Just trust us in the following matter: there are hundreds of kratom sellers all over the world
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  • Kratom tablets and pills - Buy online | Kratomhelper

    Kratom tablets and pills - Buy online | Kratomhelper

    Everyone evaluates the comfort and convenience of the environments we spend our lives. It is the feature we expect to meet in all the things we deal with, be it various supplements, medicines or vitamins, or whatsoever. Well, the same situation is with kratom. This issue concerns kratom powder. Not many people like it. Ever despite its effectiveness. Therefore, a lot of people prefer kratom capsules or kratom pills to powder.
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  • Is Kratom Legal?

    Is Kratom Legal?

    The use of Kratom is very beneficial as it helps with anxiety, pain, energy levels, and mood improvement. The controversy surrounding the legality of kratom, on the other hand, is depressing as millions of people who need it will have restricted access to it. Some countries have classified it as an illegal substance due to the lack of research and studies on it as well as the lack of FDA approval.
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  • All about Kratom

    All about Kratom

    Kratom is a tropical plant which has been used traditionally in different parts of Africa and Asia. Teas brewed from Kratom leaves have been used by people in this area for hundreds of years to manage pain, wean off of opioid and stave off exhaustion.
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