Personal truth about Kratom

Personal truth about Kratom

In this short article I am going to inform you of those who really need kratom and why. I am ideological creator and inspirer, I am the one who tried lots of drugs myself, and now I am going to share with you appropriate information concerning kratom intaking.

If you have never taken any drugs, do not intake kratom in any circumstances. You simply have no need of it. If you have never taken any drugs, but you have recently decided your life to be boring and you are seeking for smth able to change your mind (for example, heroin, methadone, amphetamine, cocaine or another shit), I do strongly recommend you never to try any of them as far as you will ruin your life with a probability of 95%.


But if you have already decided to «try smth», you would better choose kratom as far as it is far less dangerous for your health and psychics. In comparison with other opioids, kratom is legal and may hardly be overdosed (even in the worst case you feel yourself a little nauseous, have a desire to lie on your bed, close your eyes and to remain so for about 3 hours).

But anyway, if you have never taken smth able to change your mind, let your consciousness be clean all your life long. This is really the best my advice to you.

The following information is going to be helpful for those who have already taken the drugs and now aspire to get rid of such addiction.

As far me, I know 2 kinds of the most dangerous drug addictions: amphetamine addiction and opioid addiction. Amphetamine users destroy not just their bodies, but their psychics as well. This drug is extremely harmful for brain, especially «speed» abuse.


If such an amphetamine user has any desire to overcome his/her amphetamine taking, kratom could appear to be rather helpful. First of all, when the effects of amphetamines begin to wear off, severe depression and desire to return amphetamine rush are being observed.

As soon as the effect begins to come down, kratom intaking allows to remove the negative effects of amphetamine taking completely by keeping a person in joy and peace condition.

The most important thing is that being in such a condition a person has absolutely no desire to proceed with amphetamine taking.

Secondly, when a sober drug addict is anxious to stop the drug usage but is unable to overcome the temptation to take a «speed» dose once again, it is much better for him/her to intake kratom instead.

Kratom will return a person’s sanity, good feeling and prevent the desire of amphetamine taking. Kratom intaking during several months will help a drug addict to get out of amphetamine containing drugs taking, improve sleep and return healthy appetite.

The other drug addiction kind is opioid addiction. Opioid taking leads to strong physical dependence, and kratom appears to be really helpful in struggling with it.

The effect of kratom intaking resembles opioids effects and allows a drug addict to feel himself/herself rather comfortable without usual opioid takings (kratom effects are similar to opioids ones; moreover, kratom has pain relieving effect, so a drug addict suffers from no withdrawal sickness).

Such drug addicts must keep in mind that although kratom resembles opioids effect, it cannot be considered as such; also it in unable to reach classical opioids effects. It means that Kratom effect is much weaker, but anyway its effect is enough for drug addicts not to feel depression or irritation, which are inherent in withdrawal syndrome.

One more advantage of kratom intaking is that an opioid addict is not looking anymore for his/her friends’ company, whose main target is to get more opioids. Re-awareness of life values takes place, the desire to belong to the previous social circle disappears as far as the previous social circle includes just those who are daily seeking after a possibility to get a new dose.

Plenty of kratom (even its month supply) can be legally bought without any problems, whereas traditional opioids are never available in large quantities as far as a drug addict is eager to take all at once (it is useless to intake all kratom supplies at once as far as its effect will not be any stronger).

This fact prevents drug addicts from being greedy rush consumers, they get accustomed to restrictive states which they feel comfortable in; so they do not strive for hard drugs taking and they are eager to make any life changes.

After 2-3 months of kratom intaking it is necessary to stop it, which may appear to be a complicated task (but anyway far not so complicated as heroin or methadone withdrawal). Kratom serves to be a bridge to your sober and life worth living.


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