Mixing Kratom and Adderall

Mixing Kratom and Adderall

It might sound strange but Kratom and Adderall together have shown great synergy when are used combined. They are definitely not bad when they are used separately and each serves much to a consumer provoking energy boosting in small doses.

However, Kratom is more opioid-like because of its capability to cause relaxing and euphoria if a dose is medium or big.  Kratom can even provoke being sleepy while Adderall to the opposite can cause insomnia.

But if used as a combination they act the way one feels absolute contentment.

Let’s apply for the users’ feedback and see Kratom and Adderall reviews to find out more about the potential effects of their mixing.

What you need to know about Kratom and Adderall

To present these products briefly one ought to mention that both are stimulants. But they belong to different kinds. Adderall is produced synthetically, while Kratom comes from a pure natural source.

Adderall is a chemical product helping to overcome issues of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. And Kratom has a long history of being a natural energy booster, painkiller, and even opioids alternative.

The first one is helpful though it appears to be tolerated after a considerable period of usage.

And in spite of being a strong stimulant it can't provoke such a euphoric effect as Kratom can.

As you might know, Kratom originates from exotic extreme places in the South East, the tropical woods, where the humidity and sun hit make this plant so special.

Kratom actually is a kind of step side relative of a coffee plant. But unlike coffee Kratom possess features that make it able to cause a wide range of effects, to be a mind-altering and therapeutic product.

The wide range of kratom strains correspondingly leads to the variety of the extracts one can get. And this finally determines the variety of effects one can obtain by using those extracts.

This product serves as a mood-elevator, stimulant, relaxant, painkiller, and opiate superseding.

That is, you decide the result you need to get. And the best way to take kratom is to consume powder which contains nothing extra but only concentrated extract of alkaloids and some microelements that provoke those effects that one expects. And the best way to consume kratom powder is to put it with a spoon on a tongue and then have some freshwater. This is the direct way for those microelements to get to a stomach and be digested and absorbed into a blood vessel.

Those who used to consume Adderall started to prefer Kratom mainly because of the following adderall effect on body:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Glaucoma
  • Addiction
  • Tourette syndrome or a family history of it
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Heart disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Seizures
  • Epilepsy
  • Other mental illnesses

Also, one of the common reasons to change Adderall to Kratom is a tolerance Adderall causes. And some just wonder about the effect caused by using Kratom and Adderall together.

Benefits from mixing Kratom and Adderall

Some users claim that usage of Kratom is fruitful as a sedative after the Adderall has caused insomnia. So, they used Kratom to oppress the redundancy of awakens and relaxing after the Adderall.

Meanwhile, other users assert that Kratom even potentiates Adderall energy - boosting effect. Some even used Kratom to tackle the crash that Adderall had provoked to them.

And the last but not the least statement is that the mixing works beneficially only if the proper Kratom’s strain has been fine-tuned.


Adderall is capable to provoke feelings of anxiety and something like restlessness. These are not the things people like after all. And Kratom serves to overcome that. Consumed regularly it elevates mood and gives no chances for depression that is so common for Adderall users.

Fostering Focus

This benefit seems to be one of the most generals for those who conject Kratom and Adderall. People mention that this couple enhances focus significantly. As it was said, the issues related to ADHD are treated by Adderall. And the combination works even more efficiently

Confident and Productive

In simple words — the Kratom product allows us to get all the benefits from Adderall minimizing the side effects it can cause.

Lots of people keep on asking something like «Is it safe to mix Kratom and Adderall? »

So, here you have the necessary info one should know about these items from the perspective of safeness.

The effects of taking both Adderall and Kratom

In any case, both these products can be either beneficial and either harmful. The last point is generally the result of the overdose and long-term ceaseless usage. Be they used separately or in the mix there always is a risk of becoming addicted.

As long as everything that changes a human nervous system has a property to provoke addiction.

The thing of the highest impotency is to inspect the connection you have with any product of that kind in order to detect the slightest footprints of the impending treads

Here you got a checklist one can use to define addiction status:

  • Denying any harm
  • Avoiding speaking of consequences and addiction
  • Obscuring the fact of using the substances
  • No control of consumption
  • Obsession in deeds and thoughts

If one or a group of marks is observed — please apply immediately for help to a professional.

The best way to keep such things under control is not to elevate dosages to the risky waterline and to make permanently breaks in consumption for at least 3 weeks.

Side Effects

Please meet the list of side effects one can face if uses Adderall sustainably:

  • Pain in stomach
  • Dryness in a mouth
  • Changes in libido
  • Anger
  • Nervous breakdowns
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Fevers
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea and vomiting

This list is not comprehensive. There can be some other side effects.  Kratom products somehow can to reverse some mentioned processes. Albeit, there still exists a high-risk rate to suffer from long-term Adderall use.

Even worse, the Kratom products’ usage may obscure those Adderall-related consequences.

Being aware of the potential risks and permanent monitoring the state of health is  crucial checkpoints for those who deal with Adderall.

Kratom and Adderall Dosage

It is the point of main attention as long as it determines the consequences for a user.

To select a proper dosage, you’d better take into account your age, weight, general conditions of your body, state of health, and mind in the current moment.

In any case, we advise you to strictly follow the rule — Start with Low, raise up slowly!

It means to begin from a subtle dose slowly increasing  the amount of the product you consume. This is optimum for getting maximum benefits from the mentioned products. Then find the point where all the expected effects are experienced you can keep the balance and stay on the same line for a while.

Closing Thoughts

Passing through this scope of information you will definitely get a much more clear vision of this fascinating mixing — Kratom, and Adderall. At least we hope so.

The best way to find more is to try using these items. Be careful and stay vigilant while choosing products and selecting dosage. Try to deal with trustful suppliers and follow the recommendations we have presented you here.

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