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Kratom full spectrum tincture: The Complete Guide in 2020

Kratom full spectrum tincture: The Complete Guide in 2020

What is tincture of Kratom?

There is relatively a  wide range of Kratom products: powder, pills, capsules and even liquid Kratom

One of the most convenient ways to consume Kratom is to deal with Kratom tincture.  This concentrate of Kratom extracts has extremely high potency compared to others.

Alas FDA lately started meticulous regulation of Kratom Tincture what much complicated getting these products.

What a relief that such items can be produced in domestic conditions.

However, there are risks of wasting the attempt and spoiling the whole thing if unintentionally destroying the alkaloids. In case you don't know, alkaloids are the essential compounds - the microelements which interact with the brain’s receptors and provoke those feelings you actually enjoy using Kratom. You may also produce tincture with a very little amount of alkaloids that will lead you to disappointment due to gaining no effects you have been expecting to gain. 

After having focused on the possible kinds of Kratom products we are moving further and see that the very kratom tincture has also a great variety. Let's observe the full spectrum kratom tincture.

Concentration, type of Kratom strain - are the main factors to determine the content and specific properties of precise tinctures.

Among the whole scope of different possible Kratom tinctures the most common, easy to be made and reliable from the perspective of afterward effects is the full spectrum tincture kratom.

Kratom full spectrum tincture is created via using a range of different solvents, non-polar and polar to obtain the extract that contains all possible alkaloids from Kratom leaves.

No composition of extracts is perfect from the chemical potency view, though full spectrum kratom tincture is the way to get closest to that perfectness. There are isolates - another form of Kratom products which supposes extraction of a specific precise alkaloid. Such items demand tough equipment and a sound understanding of chemistry. But, after all, don't forget about costs - such a process can take much more source than you expected.

For those who are dying to try cooking Kratom tincture by themselves, we highly recommend doing it with a combination of the whole Kratom spectrum.

If you are interested in cooking Kratom tincture on your own and you are searching for kratom tincture recipes, you are at the right place. We are going to get you acquainted with all peculiars of cooking.

Preparing kratom tincture: required tools

Preparing the item at home demands a list of specific tools. Highly likely you have got some of them at home. They are available in hardware stores or online.

  • Kitchen scale. Measuring the number of ingredients is essential. So, you will need to weigh them.
  • Measuring cups. Another helper for volume and amount detection. Such things serve to reduce risks of overdosage and will be helpful for replicating the formula of the tincture.
  • A bottle with chemical resistance property. It might be plastic, though glass is preferable.  Enter a chemical resistant bottle in your browser or ask it in any hardware store.
  • Strainer. A very specific tool. It serves for removing a Kratom strain from the tincture after the extraction process is done.
  • Tinfoil. Use it for the tincture covering.
  • Funnel.  An often used tool at any kitchen, - use it for pouring tincture into containers.
  • Amber glass bottles. The tincture you will prepare will need to be kept hiding from direct bright sunlight. This is crucial for maintaining the tincture properties longer.
  • Such a bottle can be easily found in a hardware store. It doesn't cost much. There is an alternative - use blue glass bottles. Both items can be purchased in online shops.

Ingredients for Kratom Tincture making

Once you have got tools, it's time to collect all necessary ingredients for kratom tincture making. Luckily they are available in online shops, specialized stores, and supermarkets.

  • Firstly, obtain some Kratom substance, powder, or leaves.
  • We assume that we are going prepare one pint (473 ml) of 40% alcohol: for that purpose we need 4 oz. (113 grams) of kratom powder, if we are going to prepare one liter of 40% alcohol then get 7 oz. (198 grams) of dried kratom leaves. At the same time, we have to keep in mind that the basic quantity of Kratom substance may vary depending on the quality of the very Kratom substance.
  • Deal with ethyl alcohol. This is the only amenable and recommended type of alcohol for Kratom tincture preparation. Brandy, gin, or vodka can be used for that purpose. Just make sure before usage that the alcohol concentration of a drink reaches 40 % Or take ethanol of 95% alcohol concentration and then mix it with fresh water in order to reduce the concentration to the 40% level. The way to reach that is to get a proportion in the region of 50/50%  of water and ethyl alcohol.
  • Citric acid. Citric acid helps to preserve alkaloids in their salt form which is much more stable than freebases form, which respectfully allows them to get more therapeutic benefits from Kratom substance.
  • Glycerin. A highly recommended element to be added to tincture. It serves for preventing evaporation and helps also to preserve the properties of Kratom.

Kratom tincture guide

OK guys, since you know the tools, you know the ingredients, it’s a high time to cook! Or, at least you are not cooking your tincture yet, observe the imagined process of cooking we are going to perform.

Measure and weigh

Kratom tincture guide should be started from describing proportion. This is the main thing or one of the main things. You ought to keep balance in Kratom tincture preparation, - get a proper amount of powder or leaves and mix it with a proper amount of alcohol. If you miss the balance -  don’t expect the product to be of high-water mark.

We have presented you with the recommended proportion above. So, you’d better follow it or act in your own way realizing the risks of failure. In any case, try to notice and write down all the parameters of the ingredients you use, - a type of Kratom strain, type of product, amount, weight, alcohol concentration, etc.

Mix the kratom and the alcohol 

Use a chemical resistant bottle for mixing Kratom and ethanol or beverage containing alcohol. Then add citric acid (in the case you are using it) to reach the PH rate of 4 points. It is the ideal chemical consistency. We recommend using PH test strips for defining the necessary level.

Hot water bath

This is a sort of lifehack for our customers. Firstly, you have to know that it will take you approximately a week to prepare the item. This is how long the mixture of Kratom powder or leaves and alcohol has to be kept in shade to obtain tincture. But, as you might have guessed, we can circumvent the common rules. The way to speed the process up is the following:

Pour water into the cooking pot. Heat the water. Stop heating just before it starts boiling.

Make sure there is no open fire near anymore. Place the bottle of Kratom mix right into the pot, so that hot water can transfer its warmth to the bottle. Do not close the pot. Let the physics process go on for an hour. Then change the water of pot with newly heated water. And leave it for an hour again. After that, the tincture must be ready.

Kratom tincture dosage and effects

This product is not to be underestimated. The power of correctly prepared tincture is enough to provoke hard side effects. For those who are at the beginning of their Kratom journey, we recommend dealing with leaves of Kratom not extract. It is very easy to miss the dosage and get abused. You will not like the consequences!

The suitable dosage of tincture for each consumer depends on a few factors.

  • Individual physical conditions – state of health and nerve system
  • Kratom strain which was used or dominates in the scope of strains
  • Previous experience – being a beginner or systematical user
  • The concentration of the Kratom substances in the precise tincture

Again we are stressing the recommended approach for Kratom using – start with weaker tincture and lower dosages, especially if you are a novice.

And if the concentration is high (you have used a lot of powder or leaves for preparing), you need a lower dosage and vice versa respectfully.

Half a drop of the product is enough to reach expected effects if the tincture is of high-quality.

If the result does not come, get some other half in 20 minutes.

The most efficient way to use a tincture is to take the liquid under the tongue and keep it for a while to let absorption proceed before swallowing

Full spectrum kratom tincture storage

Tincture of kratom has to be stored in amber like or blue glass bottle and in the darkroom so that prevent direct sun rates influencing the liquid

Otherwise, the tincture will lose beneficial properties.

Use a diary or labels to mark the tincture you have prepared. Mention date, type of strain, the potency of the precise product. Such data storage will simplify the use of the tincture.

We hope you will enjoy preparing kratom tincture and the beneficial effects of this product!

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