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Kratom tablets and pills - Buy online | Kratomhelper

Kratom tablets and pills - Buy online | Kratomhelper

Kratom tablets and pills

Everyone evaluates the comfort and convenience of the environments we spend our lives. It is the feature we expect to meet in all the things we deal with, be it various supplements, medicines or vitamins, or whatsoever. Well, the same situation is with kratom. This issue concerns kratom powder. Not many people like it. Ever despite its effectiveness. Therefore, a lot of people prefer kratom capsules or kratom pills to powder.

How to choose the Kratom capsules and Kratom tablets that will suit you?

Generally, capsules and tablets are equally comfy to be used as long as they can be easily carried during trips. And you do not need to define portion calculating grams, being all the time afraid that the kratom powder will spill. That simplifies usage and gets rid of the necessity to measure the number of products you are going to consume.


But there still are some significant differences:

  1. Pills are much more difficult to manufacture than capsules. And as a matter of fact, this stops those who want to make a low-grade product and produce only kratom capsules for sale.

  2. Encapsulation can be done in a handicraft way while tableting is a technological process that requires special equipment. Kratom pills for sale can be produced only by a manufacturer who has Product Safety Documents and who is seriously engaged in this business. That is why buying kratom caps is less safe than pills.

  3. To feel a minimal effect, it is enough to take a portion of 3-5 grams of powder. Usually, each kratom capsule contains 0.5 grams of powder as a maximum. It means you need at least 6 gelatin capsules to fell the expected effect. So, are you sure you want to get extra and extra gelatin? Is it not a better variant to use Kratom capsules? Just notice that every pill consists of kratom and contains nothing else. In this case, you pay just for kratom powder, not for additional ingredients.

  4. Kratom tablets are more convenient to be taken than kratom in powder form. Dry powder ingesting is an extremely not pleasantest thing one can try. Many people have difficulties with that due to its unpleasant taste. Pills figure this problem out. Perfectly.

  5. There are no impurities in the tablets but for milligrams of dietary calcium, which is commonly added to absolutely all tablets and is not even mentioned in the note. We have to take it for granted as long as it is a standard and it is very small in each tablet.

Varieties of pills and Kratom tablets

We offer you kratom pills, which consist only of a mix of kratom powders: green and white maeng da, red Borneo and green Malay. Each of them has a different effect on the organism. But in general, the result depends on the person itself, the susceptibility of the body to kratom. Therefore, our customers note the different effects of the same tablets.

Where can I get strongest kratom capsules?

We always seek to supply our customers with the best product. Thus, we did not limit ourselves by selling only kratom tablets. At Kratomhelper, we offer our clients only those products that we have chosen for ourselves undoubtedly. And this means that we guarantee the high quality and assure you that you will not regret dealing with us. Our company has all the certificates confirming the safety of production. And if you still are looking for “where can I buy kratom capsules” we can safely offer you a replacement for kratom pills. The thing we suggest worth trying! As connoisseurs of kratom, we highly recommend to try out the products we suggest. 

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