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Kratom Addiction — How Addictive Is Kratom?

Kratom Addiction — How Addictive Is Kratom?

Addiction is a trouble that demands treatment. One shouldn’t take any kind of addiction lightly. It is not a game. Addiction is about human health, either mental and physical. Some damages may occur to be irrestorable. That is why it is obviously better to prevent any harm to your health rather than face the necessity to rehabilitate it.

But, it is still a question to which extent Kratom is addictive. So, this article is devoted to the topic that is aimed to give a comprehensive answer to the question «How addictive is Kratom?»


Dependence and Addiction

People generally are used to mixing dependence, addiction, and tolerance. These things might seem to be the same. However, they diverge much, and we are going to make it more clear for you.

First of all, we need to distinguish factors that provoke addiction. This condition can be caused by drugs, gambling, a passion increased up to obsession, alcohol, food, extreme sport, and other factors.

Of course, using drugs has its own specific.

But, should we call Kratom a drug?  Be it a real drug, would it be legal in the American states? At the same time, Kratom definitely is a mind-altering grower with all the consequences featuring the substance of that kind.

The grower’s products can lead to effects pretty similar to stimulants and opioids.  There are two elements — mitragynine and 7--hydroxymitragynine that interact with a human opioid receptor. As a result, they cause sedation, pleasure, manage pain and aching. Mitragynine influences nerve systems provoking stimulating effects.

If one uses Kratom a little, he obtains elevation of energy and alertness.

Like any mind-altering stuff, Kratom has the potency to cause side effects, addiction, and tolerance.

Tolerance — is a physical condition when a human body and brain don’t react to a drug in the same way they used to at the beginning. It generally means that a person needs to elevate dosage to get the previous effect. Such a state of thing can lead to negative consequences, as arising of a drug amount harms internal organs and empowers negative abuse to the organism.

Dependence — is a condition that reveals when quits taking drugs. The “withdrawal” effect comes. This effect varies from weakness, insomnia to delirium. The process can be mild or even life-threatening. It generally depends on the type of drug and the duration of a person consuming it.

Such unpleasant thing often happens with a medicine. If a prescribed medicine has been used for a long time, the user becomes dependent.

Addiction is a disease. And this is a thing that differs addiction from tolerance and dependence

This state is a kind of physio disorder. It happens when drugs or alcohol are taken repeatedly. Not being able to stop using a drug, despite even pronounced negative results is an addiction.

The condition is also called a severe substance use disorder.

The tricky thing is that one can experience dependence on a drug and having tolerance to it, but do not have actually addicted to it.

In terms of the info you have read above, you might be wondering «Is kratom addiction real?»


What does addiction look like?

It is very interesting what the kratom addiction symptoms might be? Well, they pretty resemble the symptoms of any addiction.

When it is about addiction caused by consuming any substance, the specialists identify a list of typical signs:

- Longing to use that product or substance permanently — day by day or even a couple of times each day

- Extreme focusing on getting the substance that distracts from current domestic, job, and family obligations, tasks, duties

- Using a substance in more volume or/and longer than was planned at the beginning

- Spending extra money on purchasing a substance even when being short of money.

- Demonstrating social deviation — resorting to deeds that break a law in order to get the substance.  It can be stealing or violence.

- Acting in a dangerous way. E.g. dangerous driving, exceeding speed, driving under the effect of drugs, having sex without protection, etc.

- Keeping on the usage of the substance even facing and realizing the negative consequences of it

- Experiencing fail in a trial to quit using the substance

What about kratom and addiction?

Kratom addiction withdrawal can be challenging. That is why you’d better do your best not to fall into the addiction pit.


How to recognize addiction in others?

And what about noticing the addiction of your friends or relatives. Is it possible? Yes, it is. Here you have a list of evidence showing the high likelihood of addiction

The symptoms of potential drug addiction are

— Swinging of a mood. Quick pronounced change from depression to the excitement, irritation, and apathy.

— Unjustified deviated behavior — aggression or violation of laws and public norms.

— Dramatic changes in appearance — red eyes, losing or gaining weight, unhygienic look, and body conditions

— Diminishing in activity and energy, permanent fatigue, boosting of different ignitions, aches, and illness conditions.

Notice that those having an addiction prefer hiding it, even and especially from family members and close friends. People with addiction are ashamed of it and usually can’t confess they have it as they believe others can stigmatize them. Addicted persons are afraid of disparagement and labeling.

So, if you suspect that some of your relative or friend has faulted into addiction, avoid blaming the person or treating it as a weakness. Remember that it is very important not to alienate a person.  Demonstrate respect and tolerance. Be friendly and delicate because you can either help or aggravate the situation.

The person whom you are trying to help needs to feel support but not condemnation!

Try to step by step convince that person to apply for medical help. Be persistent and operate with positive arguments and examples.

What are the side effects of use?

As with almost all mind-altering products, Kratom overdosing can lead to undesirable effects.

We collected different overviews of the experienced Kratom users and made a list of potential side effects provoked by Kratom usage. It includes but is not limited to

  • Sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Losing appetite
  • Hallucinations
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea

All the mentioned side effects terminate in a short period after ceasing Kratom usage. However, there might be exceptions and some negative conditions might last for a week or a bit longer.

At the same time, we highly recommend turning to a doctor if the conditions are bad and it is too hard to bear withdrawal symptoms.

Be aware, that hard overdosing, long-term ceaseless consumption of Kratom, or using it along with other drugs or alcohol can damage your health, especially the liver.


Kratom Addiction Withdrawal

When it comes to Kratom withdrawal there generally are three ways — apply to medical help, pass through cold turkey, or step by step level down doses.

Independently on the way one prefers, be it tapering strategy or abrupt cease, there are tips helping to alleviate withdrawal

— You can apply to a doctor for detox medication

— Take a shower a couple of times per day while experiencing withdrawal.  This will help you to increase energy in the mornings and get rid of insomnia in the evenings. Change the temperature of the water from hot to cold in turn.

— Go out and take a walk for 30 minutes. Try cycling as an alternative.

If you have a feeling that you will not make it — do not hesitate to apply for help.

Kratom addiction help isn’t something you should be a shame to apply for.

Medicine Kratom addiction treatment can also be needed in complicated cases. Generally, it doesn’t come to it, but, if it does, it is necessary to deal with an experienced qualificator doctor and obey his assignments.

These were major to support your physical conditions. At the same time, it is crucial to engage mind sources.

You can make a deal or bet with your friend and make a commitment to stand withdrawal successfully.

You can bet on going to a cafe or going to the pool for example.

Another great inner supplier may become writing down all the observation you do on your feelings and behavior while withdrawing and deploying them as a blog to the Internet.

It might be even a video blog. Such a blog can be done incognito.

— Keep the list of the reasons to quit in front of you. Don’t forget that becoming free of dependence is a kind of self-overcoming, it is a challenge!



It is essential to study the potential benefits and risks of Kratom using, as it is a question of your health.

Any substance can harm a human body if is taken too much /too long.

Kratom is a mind-altering grower and it demands an accurate attitude.

Kratom addiction recovery can be passed easier if one follows the tips we have mentioned.  However, it is much better not to become addicted at all.

Generally, Kratom gives consumers many benefits.

So, if you follow the recommendations, control dosages, and duration of Kratom using, there hardly will be any negative consequences.

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