Intake Ways and General Effects

Intake Ways and General Effects

The present article refers to ways of Kratom powdered leaves intaking and their general effects.

Kratom psychoactive agents are rather specific and may differ greatly depending on a great deal of the following factors: Kratom sort, its habitat, harvest time, intake way, consumer’s individual characteristics, etc

But the steadiest, most pronounced and most «predictive» effects are such as: psychostimulant action, relaxation, analgesic action, some kind of antidepressive and general tonic effect.

It is well known that in western counties Kratom varieties are mostly available in dried and powdered leaves form. Such form allows not only to keep all active substances of a leaf, but also to find individual dosage in each separate case.

There are different ways of Kratom dried leaves application, but the most popular of them are the following:

1. Leaves brewing (like tea brewing): lemon juice, honey, sugar, etc. are often added there in order to subdue strong bitter Kratom taste. Lemon juice is also considered to facilitate active substances extraction from original leaves.

2. Powder leaves intaking. In this case Kratom is often mixed with apple puree, yoghurt, etc. It is possible to intake just the leaves with any warm drink (tea, herbal infusion, etc).

3. Very popular is to combine Kratom with Catuaba decoction, Nymphaea caerulea (blue lotus) / Nelumbo nucifera (pink lotus) petals infusion and other drinks able to strengthen and extend Kratom effects at the same time; in some other cases (for example, in case of Catuaba decoction drinking) they eliminate the unpleasant effects of Kratom intaking.

After Kratom intaking, its effects are developing within 15-30 min, reach the peak in about 1 hour, last for about some hours in full force and then gradually reduce. In case of high doses intaking the effects are stronger, some consumers mention after-effects even on the following day.

It is worth mentioning that Kratom effects are in either way dosage dependent: in small doses (5 – 10 grams) the plant has stimulating effect, but in high doses (from 15-20 grams to 30-50 grams) it has analgesic and relaxing effects. Such a statement has a right to exist, although some people are known to feel strong excitement and nervousness after even high dosage intaking, while some others sense relaxation in consequence of low doses ingestion. That is why Kratom individual response must be always remembered of; for the first time, it is better to make «safe mistake» and to intake minimum effective dosage, and later, after defining the personal response, to try higher dosage intaking if it is necessary. Moreover, both dosage level and Kratom sort choosing depend on the «quality» of the achieved effect: low dosages (from 5 to 10 grams) are used to get tonic and mild effects, higher dosages are usually used to achieve strong «relaxing» effect, pronounced analgesia effect, etc.

According to the number of studies, Kratom’s biochemical characteristics resemble Pausinystalia johimbe (Yohimbe tree), the bark of which has been used for general tonic brewings and aphrodisiac infusions preparing since ancient times. Used in low doses, Kratom’s psychoactive and in whole pharmacological effects are similar to Yohimbe’s ones; it is caused by similar pharmacodynamic properties the alkaloids of these 2 plants possess. But these effects differ greatly as well, and it also must be remembered of.

In majority of cases Kratom low dosages have strong stimulating effect. This is the reason of its popularity in its habitats by local people, who have to do heavy / monotonous physical work. Kratom quickly eliminates depression, apathy and tiredness, enables to perform a lot of work. Kratom low and medium dosages intaking are also characterized by aphrodisiac effects that is why they are sometimes used by Thai men to prolong sexual activity. Herein Kratom evinces its best medical properties: immune stimulating effect, antiviral and antibacterial action, antioxidative and antidepressant activities. In this respect Kratom may be compared with Yohimbe / Mate agents, some kinds of ethnic tea, but it bears absolutely no relation to cocaine and similar agents. Even ephedrine matching appears to be inappropriate here. Kratom pharmacology’s specific feature is so called steady «hedonistic» effect, which is often called «euphoric» effect by mistake. This way it differs greatly from «classical opioids», being under which a person mostly looses touch with reality, is slowed down and feels strong narcotic effect (usually being in «twilight sleep» state). Although Kratom basic alkaloids are specific mu-opioid receptors agonists and are able to suppress pain feelings, they lack for a number of «classical opioids» negative features (this fact was already mentioned in «Kratom in Medicine» article). Even Kratom high dosages (from 20 grams and more) intaking cases are reported never to slow a human’s breathing, but to keep its stimulating effect (and this must be always remembered of). Any Kratom variety intaking (in any dosage) leads to specific hedonistic effect development, but its intensity differs in each separate case.

It is the number of the effects, developing in result of Kratom medium and high doses (from 10 grams to 20-50 grams) intaking, that make this plant so popular both among consumers and among doctors. It must be mentioned at once that not everyone is able to intake Kratom high dosage and «digest» it due to unpleasant taste of Kratom ground leaves and some specific effects of strong intoxication (especially during the first hour, later as a rule the negative feelings disappear).

More than 15 grams of Kratom intaking (one tablespoon and more) lead to rather strong effects development. Here mu-opioid receptors crossover and hereupon a number of «opioid» effects take place.

The first phase may last from 40 min to 1 hour. It depends on Kratom variety: intaking of «green» and «white» sorts leads to stronger and longer stimulating effects which are later changed by relaxation and analgesia active phases. Stimulating effects caused by «red» sorts intaking are shorter and weaker, the relaxation phase comes faster and is usually more expressed subjectively. In the first phase a person is full of energy (first of all physical one), his/her mood elates, he/she becomes more active and talkative, sexual hyperstimulation may take place as well. When this phase is over, hedonistic effect becomes more pronounced and a person becomes less susceptible to physical and emotional pain, hyperkinesia and hyperphrenia are changed by sedation and feeling of «warm waves» over the body. A lot of consumers prefer to lie down for a while or to sit alone calmly. Some people have acute perception of music, feature films, books, etc. Peculiar dreams, pleasant relaxation may occur as well. Miosis and dryness of the mouth are also typical for this phase. Sickness, gibbiness, hyperhidrosis, involuntary muscle contractions may appear at the same time. Effect of defocused eyes (ambiopia, caused by influence of Kratom psychoactive substances upon several brain zones) is rather typical in case of high dosage intaking. If a person drinks some (!) liquid, especially Catuaba decoction or Lotus infusion, then lies down for a while and relaxes, all unpleasant effects usually pass rather quickly and a person is able to sink into a kind of ASC state; with eyes closed, unobtrusive, elusive visuals may appear. All pain feelings become completely suppressed and relaxation phase begins. Although this effect is rather similar to the one caused by «classical opioids» intaking, a person remains conscious and keeps a bright lookout; he/she is even able to do some work if necessary. If «euphoria» takes place, it does not «fall on a person as a concrete plate» and does not seize the person (in contrast to morphine and similar substances effects). Just the combination of suitable mood disposal, corresponding atmosphere and Kratom high dosage (sometimes together with certain teas) intaking allows to feel resembling condition, but anyway a person keeps a touch with reality, is able to speak adequately and even to do some work if necessary. This is one of the key differences between Kratom effects and opioid substances effects. Drawing a figurative parallel between them, it is possible to say that Kratom psychoactive agents are a kind of «psychodelic opioids» (i.e. substances able to «show», to «demonstrate» thebaic drugs effects under certain conditions). The other key difference is that Kratom is lacking in pronounced addictive potential even in case of medium dosages systematic intaking. As they say, it needs to «try hard» in order to «get addicted» to Kratom. For this to be done, it is necessary to intake purposely its subtoxic quantities several times a day during some months. Such an intention can hardly cross a sensible person’s mind, moreover it is rather difficult for a human organism: Kratom is characterized by very bitter taste, sickening effect at the time of its intaking (it often happens because of the plant’s taste and smell, not because of its pharmacological effects, and it is also worth understanding), stimulating «rude» effect, etc – all such things can hardly contribute to any Kratom dependency development. Nevertheless it rarely happens, but it is a separate matter and it requires special analysis. But it is worth mentioning that special caution must be used by people, inclined to psychoactive agents, drugs, etc. abuse, as well as by those, who systematically intake Kratom high dosages as analgesics in case of oncological diseases or in case of hard forms of opium addiction substitution treatment. It is generally recommended to intake Kratom no more than once a week / once-twice a month. This is a kind of guarantee that this entheogen intaking will result in no specific problems occurence.

This way, in case of Kratom wise and cautious (with taking the potential risks into account) intaking, the consumer may successfully use this entheogen for different purposes with minimum risks. Kratom must not be intaken every day and for a long time. It may result in body systems and organs disorders (these are first of all GIT and CNS disorders); its sudden withdrawal may result in withdrawal symptom development, which a lot of consumers have no idea how to resist (although it is not very difficult, but this matter requires separate discussion as well).

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