How to Use Kratom and Phenibut

How to Use Kratom and Phenibut

This time we again deal with a combination of two mind-altering items.

It might seem strange but sometimes such mixing foster a synergy effect. In this case, the mixing is also beneficial. So, please follow the guide we provide and become familiar with a variety of effects one can obtain uniting different products.

Firstly, we probably should start by presenting Phenibut. This item might have been discussed on the Internet space less than Kratom.

What is Phenibut?

It is a synthesized product produced artificially. It appeared in the 1960s as a solution for medical aims.

These days it is experiencing the process of approval by the federal commission of the USA. That is why so far it has been sold as a nootropic supplement because of its outstanding properties to empower cognition.

Actually, it comprises depressants with stimulating and anxiolytic effects.  It is more known as Anvifen, Noofen, or Fenibut.

Both Kratom and Phenibut interacts with receptors in a human brain. From this perspective, there can be mentioned a similarity phenibut and kratom have. But Phenibut commonly interacts with the GABA receptors while Kratom — with opioids receptors.

GABA receptors are responsible for increasing dopamine secretion. Dopamine provokes a «phenibut feeling» - mutual waves of warm happiness and contentment. There is also one positive side effect — it provokes enhancement of cognition — memory and learning ability.

Therefore, Phenibut is a treatment for stresses, depressions, post-traumatic syndromes, and anxiety. Moreover, it relieves the problems of insomnia.

And the one special property — Phenibut can provoke euphoria if is used recreationally.

There is a much discussion of the point weather Phenibut potentiates opiates. Let’s clarify. Phenibut has often been used as a substitute for opiates. And the results mainly turn out to be negative. Actually, this product does help to get rid of opioids abuse and withdrawal effects, but due to its great potency, it provokes new addiction, the addiction from Phenibut.

Effects of Using Kratom with Phenibut

As we have mentioned Phenibut and Kratom affect different human receptors.

Effecting of the GABA-b receptors with the simultaneous affecting opioid receptors causes some specific results that people like.

Phenibut provokes focusing and helps to get rid of anxiety with the simultaneous leveling up cognition abilities.  This is resembling the effects of some Kratom strains. E.g. White kratom and red Kratom can do the same if used in low dosages. But if the dosage is big, Kratom and Phenibut influence that way that one gets euphoria, the fascinating feeling of high.

Misbalance of doses, especially with red Kratom can lead to an absolute chilling out effect, that oppresses Phenibut’s stimulation of focusing.

That is why the most efficient co-work of these two items happens if the doses are medium.

This balance generally leads to loss of anxiety, focusing, and productiveness together with being relaxed and emotionally calm. Some people even compare this state of mind with the one that can be provoked by heroin. But, the crucial point is that Kratom and Phenibut combining is too less harmful and has no such destroying consequences of heroin.

The Best Kratom Phenibut Combos

As you Know different strains of Kratom can cause different effects. Therefore, the combination of Phenibut and different Kratom leads to a variety of effects.

Here you have some combinations that have been tried out by costumers, and they have presented their overviews on the topic.

Phenibut and Maeng Da Kratom Combo

Maeng Da is known as the strongest Kratom strain. It escalates energy and activity, either physical and mental. At the same time, it can work as a painkiller and lead to euphoria.

Using of Phenibut and Maeng Da together leads to relaxation. The result can be reached faster if the products are consumed fasting.

Phenibut and Red Kratom Combo

Painkilling and sedation are the natural effects of this strain usage. So, the combination of Phenibut and products with this strain extracts prompts stress relief and relaxation

Phenibut and White Vein Kratom Combo

This strain generates stimulation and combination respectively induces energy-boosting with the cool calm state of mind

Phenibut And Kratom Dosage

The desired volume of the combination's dosage was mention above. But we are going to stress it once again — always start and move with little dosages. Besides the efficient balance, there is one more point you should keep in mind — high regular dosages of Phenibut usually lead to addiction! And this type of relations is the one where you do not run the process, so, accordingly, you will not enjoy the consequences.

Phenibut addiction withdrawal is not a simple thing. It is much easier to avoid becoming addicted rather than overcoming this addiction. If getting in such trouble — the best is to apply to medical professional help.

And the crucial thing to avoid such addiction is to avoid long term phenibut use as well as high dosages.

As far as Kratom is concerned, we can claim that this product is easier to be quit, but there still exist some risks of following into the abyss of withdrawal syndrome.

The issue of addiction is a bit complicated with the fact that the Phenibut products actually can be and are used for softening Kratom withdrawal syndromes. In these terms, one can even find great utility in Phenibut respectfully. Well, this is a tricky point because on the one hand, you can ease Kratom withdrawal conditions by Phenibut, but, on the other hand, you will substitute one mind-altering with another one, which has a much higher potential for addiction. This might become a road to self-destroying.

We summaries the dozens of overviews and highly recommend everyone not to use Phenibut for kratom withdrawal.

Just don’t get us wrong, this product is great and has many beneficial properties. So, using with accuracy you can easily avoid risks of addiction. But, when you already have an addiction to any kind of neuro stimulant, you’d better do not complicate the situation by means of using this thing.

In case you are searching for an answer to the question «How do I take Kratom and Phenibut?», we got a piece of advice for you

  • Don’t use the combination oftener than once per week otherwise you can damage your receptors and put your health into danger with potential long-term negative consequences.
  • The recommended dosages are no more than 1 gram of Phenibud and 4 grams of Kratom’s powder or capsules.
  • The most typical side effects of combination usage are vomiting and jittery feelings. So, if you observe the exhibition of any similar things, — immediately cease using and get a break for 3-4 weeks.

Final Thoughts

The similarity Phenibut and Kratom have lies in the fact that both serve people to cope with physical and psycho issues. These items are helpfully consumed separately in appropriate doses with due diligence. What is more, you can get an extra utility from kratom and phenibut mix — the combination of these products leads to some awesome specific feelings and conditions. If used as a mix each of the products empowers and facilitates another’s beneficial properties.

Albeit, for your safety you’d better follow the recommendations we have given you in this article.

And the last but not the least recommendation is that you try to deal with trustful vendors in order to avoid using adulterer products, which usually are of much lower quality and can have some impurity, therefore, be dangerous for your health.

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