How To Take Kratom And How Long To Wait Between Kratom Doses?

How To Take Kratom And How Long To Wait Between Kratom Doses?

People are used to dealing with a manual when it is about using any substance.

It is actually highly recommended to get acquainted with the properties, dosages, prohibitions, and potential side effects of any medicine or substance you consume, especially when the substance is a mind-altering one.

Due to Kratom’s growing popularity, the number of dealers, suppliers, and vendors offering Kratom products is increasing. Yet, the major prefer simply to sell it but do not provide potential customers with a comprehensive guideline.

One of the basements of activity is to provide our visitors and customers with as much useful info as possible.

The following guideline will, we believe, give you some answers to the questions «How To Take Kratom»

«how long to wait between kratom doses» «how often can you take kratom» and many others relevant to these.


How to take kratom

One of the indisputable advantages of Kratom is that it has a wide spectrum of ways how it can be used. The grower suggests customers choosing the one they like and change it in turn if they want.

Such variety is determined by the forms the Kratom products are presented – powder, capsules, pills, liquid Kratom, paste, Kratom for tea brewing, and Kratom for smoking.

The most widespread way of grower usage is ingesting Kratom powder. This method is also known as toss and wash.

Take a dose of Kratom powder by a spoon and put it in your mouth. Keep it on the tongue. Take a drink and mix the powder and beverage in the mouth and throat. Then swallow.

As a beverage, you can use juice, water, or even milk.

You can also have a mix of powder and a beverage in a shake.

Liquid Kratom, like tincture and extract, can be simply carried in a bottle. It is very convenient. You can also find more details regarding these two – Kratom tincture and extract in the articles deployed on our website.

Due to the bitter Kratom taste many users like taking cookies comprising Kratom.

As an alternative – try adding the grower powder to a flavored yogurt. It will help to decrease the bitterness of Kratom.

Brewing tea with Kratom is also a well-known and easy way to enjoy the benefits of the grower.


How To Dose Kratom

How much kratom per day can be used? – one of the most frequently asked questions in terms of Kratom using.

Measuring Kratom doses depends on the form of the products you are taking. E.g. using pills alleviates measuring as you know the standard weight and volume of each pill in a package. The same is with capsules. When you deal with paste or powder, you will need a teaspoon or a scale. Once measuring a teaspoon, you can take it with you when necessary knowing the exact amount of the product that the spoon grabbers.

If speaking about the very dosing, you need to keep in focus that the dosing can vary each user has a different age, body weight, state of mind, nerve system, mental and physical conditions.

Obviously, a person experiencing considerable fatigue and one who is absolutely awoken and full of energy need different doses and probably different strains of Kratom. This is determined by the difference in the aims they chase.

Also, dosing depends on the level of the active element concentration in the gram of a product.  As long as any extract contains a much higher volume of the active substances than powder, is incorrect to apply the same dosing metric to them.

A couple of years ago there was a survey of nearly 8 thousand people using Kratom.

The respondents were asked something like «How often do you take Kratom?»

The majority claimed that a dose of 3-5 grams used up to 3 times during a day are pretty balanced to get all the necessary effects.

In any case, to start you would better deal with an amount in the region of 2-3 grams. The lower start is a decent start!

Elevate the volume delicate to make the Kratom usage smooth.

Meet the table presenting recommended dosing to obtain the corresponded effect.


How Long To Wait Between Kratom Doses?

Newcomers often want to know «How often can I take kratom?»

If scrutinize different forums devoted to mind-altering stuff including Kratom, you will find that the majority of the users claim the necessity to have a time lug between the next dosage.

Generally, users go in two ways – using Kratom once in a day, or using it twice but having a space between using in 2-4 hours.

If using Kratom twice a day, the dosages are obviously lower than when having a single-use.

In any case, the very beginning of Kratom using should start from a low or medium dose.

If using the stuff systematically and perpetually there is a high risk to become tolerated to the products. That is not good. To avoid developing tolerance we recommend using Kratom 2-4 times per week, having 1-2 days breaks.

After 3 weeks of Kratom using it is desirable to get two weeks to break.

This allows refreshing a body’s reaction to the Kratom active elements and enjoying effects without elevating dosage to the dangerous threshold

Users say that in 2-3 cycles everyone usually finds his sweet spot – the favorite strain, form, and dosage.


How To Avoid Kratom Tolerance?

Here are some tips helping to diminish the risk of the tolerance appearing.

Firstly, do not do regular intake.

Taking regular develops tolerance. To avoid this make breaks in using and have spaces between each dose. Take Kratom 2-3 times a week.

Do not use the same strain all the time.

For example, take one day Maeng Da and Green Malay the next day and then use White Indo.

Do not deal much with tinctures and extracts.

These two are super concentrated. Such things can easily provoke tolerance.

Do not consume Kratom fasting.

Eating before taking Kratom facilitates digestion. That in terms leads to quick absorption and too fast-acting of the Kratom elements on your body.



Kratom is becoming more and more popular. Its unique properties make the grower a great supplement and helper for many people over the world. It helps to manage pain, increase working capacity, to overcome fatigue and stresses, and improve mood.

There are not so many complaints about the side effects of Kratom products. However, Kratom must not be treated light-headedly. Stay vigilant and accurate with dosing. Follow the recommendations.

Under no circumstances mix Kratom with any alcohol or another drug.

Do not let mind-alteration get out of your control.

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