How to make kratom tea

How to make kratom tea

Forms of kratom


Kratom powder is the most common form. It makes possible to adjust the dosage to obtain various effects (from relaxation to stimulation). This form allows you to choose a method of consumption that is more suitable for you: eat powder or brew tea. Citrus juice can be added to the tea, which will help to improve gustatory qualities.


This form of kratom is more convenient for many consumers. A can with tablets is rather portable a convenient for carrying it with you anywhere. In this case, you do not need to calculate grams and define dosage. Each capsule contains a certain amount of powder. So, you can avoid using scales and just get the thing you want.


There is also such a form of powder containers. But, unlike tablets, gelatin is present in their composition, therefore we don’t include them in our assortment. We offer you the highest quality products.


Important tips for preparation

Finely ground kratom is the best for brewing tea, with lemon (citric acid improves extraction) and honey, it will be more pleasant to drink. You can brew tea 3-5 times until the tea leaves discolor, but it is better to brew once, drink, then pour boiling water again, wait a little and drink a second time. You can also drink the tea leaves with the liquid you brew.

You may generally not swallow tea leaves, but brew them several times, then throw away. Of course, it’s more efficient to boil a little on the stove. But while the mitragynin is extracted during boiling, a whole bunch of useful substances in kratom are destroyed.

 So, if you have short of time, you can boil kratom with lemon juice or citric acid for about 15 minutes on low heat, the effect will be immediately pronounced. Also, a good option is brewing with boiling water 203 F in a mug or a thermos.


Kratom Tea Recipes

There is a common way for infusing kratom tea. But those who regularly use kratom have their own tea recipes, where they change the proportions of kratom and water, add additives, etc.

Using boiling pot

To do this, all we need is only 2 oz of your favorite strain of kratom and freshwater.

  • Put powder into a pot.
  • Top up a pot with 33,8 oz of water and bring it up to a boil.
  • Let it boil for approximately 30 min.
  • Remove the pot, then force tea through a sieve in order to break up clumps, into another container.
  • Squeeze the resulting dense mass to get rid of the water.
  • Top up a pot with water one more time and place the resulting mass back into the water.
  • Repeat this process one more time.

After repeating this procedure twice, you can throw away kratom mass.

  • Mix both liquids, bring to a boil.
  • Cook until the volume of water decreases to 0,38 oz.
  • Your tea is ready. Pour it into a cup and enjoy.

Teapot method

This way of brewing tea is also suitable for those in a hurry because teapot can be safely replaced with a thermos mug and you’re welcome to take a drink with you on the go.

For this method, we need:

  • teapot or thermos mug
  • boiling water
  • paper bag for tea leaves
  • kratom powder

Pour the right amount of powder into a paper bag first. Place the bag in a teapot or thermos and pour boiling water. Close the lid and let it brew for a few minutes. Time may vary depending on your taste preferences.

Sun tea

This method of making tea is suitable for those who have plenty of time to wait for their drink.

Such tea is prepared in cold water or water at room temperature. You can be sure you will receive an equally high-quality drink. Kratom leaves release taste and aroma regardless of water temperature.

Now the most important thing is why this method has such a name.

Fill the container with water, add kratom powder to it (you can also use paper tea bags). The amount of kratom can be adjusted as you wish. Find a place with a lot of sunlight and leave a container with kratom there. The preparation time for such tea takes from one to five hours.


How soon will I feel the effect of tea

Drinking tea is more like a ceremony. You slowly drink tea and enjoy the taste. When brewing kratom tea, alkaloids fall into the water, which gives a later effect than powder or tablets.

When using the powder, the effect can be expected in 10-20 minutes, depending on the type and dosage.

The time effect from drinking tea takes twice loner then using powder. For those who use kratom for the first time, the effect may come faster.


The longevity of effects

Basically, the effect of consuming Kratom powder in its pure form lasts from 4 to 6 hours. The duration of the effect depends on the variety of kratom you have chosen. The most powerful are the maeng da. Causes effect up to 8 hours.

The effect of the tea is much weaker - up to 2-3 hours. But there are ways to prolong the effect of the tea.

  • choose the kratom variety that has the most pronounced effect
  • calculate the dosage correctly. The average dose of kratom is considered 4-6 grams. Be careful with empowered varieties. You need to take them much less
  • drink tea on an empty stomach
  • or avoid heavy meals before drinking tea
  • those who regularly use kratom may notice a decrease in effectiveness even with increased dosage. We recommend changing the variety
  • those with extensive experience with kratom can mix several varieties of powder. But it is necessary to observe the accuracy of the dosage.


Benefits and Risks of Kratom Tea

The benefits of drinking kratom tea make it indispensable for many people. It benefits the user but the only thing is that the effects take a long to come but don’t last for a long.

Among the advantages of such a drink are anesthesia, stimulation, the booster of energy, euphoria, support for the body in stressful situations, help with the abolition of opiates. The effects are quite different.

To feel the euphoria, stimulation, anesthesia, the dosage should be increased. With a small amount of powder, such effects do not occur.

To improve mood, sleeping quality, the concentration of attention, a small or average dosage of kratom should be taken. Basically, this amount is used for tea.

Kratom tea has a minimal amount of negative effects. Among them are drowsiness, nausea, upset stomach. Most likely, such negative feelings can be received by beginners who haven’t comply with the dosage.

Also, pregnant and lactating women are not recommended to use kratom tea. In this case, a doctor’s consultation is obligatory.



Tea made of kratom leaves or powder is an excellent alternative for common black tea and coffee. Unlike coffee, kratom tea does not contain caffeine. This drink gives a mild effect and is great for beginners. In addition, you can easily make a tea that will suit your taste by changing the proportions of the powder and water, adding sugar, honey or lemon juice. Choose any species, brew tea and enjoy it, having all benefits of such a drink.

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