How does kratom make you feel

How does kratom make you feel

If speaking about Kratom (the official scientific name of the plant is Mitragyna Speciose), the first thing to be mentioned is its origination.

Widely spread nowadays, Kratom products started their extension over the world from the places extremely hard for human beings' living — tropical jungles, evergreen forests fulfilled with plenty of different exotic inhabitants and plants. The red-hot air, redundancy of sun rays and moisture brought by the tropical rains and the specific soil are the conditions for bearing such a unique plant as Kratom.

It has been used for medical treatment for ages in the countries of Southeast Asia. But, among the properties the Kratom products have been evaluated so far, one is something else, — the alkaloids contained by the Kratom, served locals to struggle fatigue as well as to bring relaxation.

Due to its outstanding properties, Kratom has become a worldwide known exotic product.

There is a scope of questions potential buyers want to clarify. Follow our excursion through the Kratom specific and you will find out the answers.

So, «what is Kratom high?» This question is on the top of the question list the majority wants to know. And here we give you a clear explanation. Kratom high is mainly about skyrocketing one’s mood, causing feeling like being just at the heat of the party, or, what is even more valuable, experiencing the euphoria — being on the top of pleasure senses.  And what is more, Kratom high is the way to quit opiates. The spectrum of the effects the Kratom can cause is wide and in this article, we are going to get you acquainted with them.

If you want to know how much Kratom to get high is needed — you have to take into consideration that there are various types of Kratom and various products made of it. Getting Kratom high is a matter of dosage and type of product.

If getting the little volume, it provokes energy-boosting. It can be compared with the effect of caffeine. Be it coffee or tea the subtle matter of caffeine enhances motivation, helps to focus on the activity and enlarges endurance of a person. In small doses, Kratom acts similarly.

And if increasing the dosage, you will inevitably obtain condition similar to the one you get via opiates.  The resemblance of effect persuaded experts to take Kratom for an opioid plant. But, later, it was discovered that it is not. What a relief.

«Does Kratom work?», «What does Kratom do?», «How does kratom work?» — these are the frequently asked questions.

Of course, it works, definitely, with no doubts. The way mitragyna speciosa effects are determined by indole alkaloids, — mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These two interact with opioid receptors. Kratom products have about 2% mitragynine and a negligible amount (0.01 – 0.02%) of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The mitragynine's mechanism of interaction with a human body is pretty unique, not similar to classical opioids, such as morphine, heroin, and fentanyl.

In simple words, the chemical process caused by Kratom leads to a famous influence on a mind and emotions similar to opioids, but, at the same time, it avoids engaging those microelements which afterward lead to constipation, respiratory depression, and dependence. Kratom effects similar to opioids without hard negative consequences which opioids provoke.

But the results vary dependently on the kind of product and type of strain

Firstly, let’s explore a variety of Kratom products.

There are Kratom powder, Kratom tea for brewing, liquid Kratom, capsules and, probably one the comfiest to be consumed form — pills.

Generally, capsules and pills are comfy to consume due to their subtle form. But there at the same time, they are different products.

Kratom pills' effects come quicker and stronger, as long as they are made of concentrated powder. Meanwhile, the Kratom capsules' effects are weaker, because of the lower concentration of powder and alkaloids. Capsules contain gelatin and usually typical capsule of Kratom has just 0.5 grams of powder, while to get the minimal effect you need 3-5 grams of powder.

Is Kratom addictive?

Quitting consumption after a considerable period of ceaseless use leads to some withdrawal symptoms. Analyses of the general practice of Kratom usage show that the majority of those symptoms can be overcome in a short period. But, take into consideration that perpetual use and withdrawal can cause hostility and aggression, insomnia, emotional changes, jerky movements, muscle aches.

That is why you should always control the dynamic of dosage and make breaks in consumption. These will allow you to get benefits from the product and avoid plausible negative influence.

Types of Kratom

The variety of strains determines the variety of types of Kratom. Due to the different amount and balance of alkaloids, each strain contains, the consequences of their consumption diverse. The basic differentiation is performed via the colors of the central vein of Kratom leaves. There are three colors of a vein and correspondingly three types of Kratom

White Kratom- commonly works as an energy booster and mood lifter. It also helps to stay focused on any activity longer.

Red Kratom — the most widespread type. The way it influences still is determined by the dosage. It can provide you tension relief, absolute relaxation or, in a small dose, it works opposite like and effects as a stimulator.

Green Kratom. The strains of this type perform like a mix of two previous. Green Kratom can cause energy-boosting along with coming relaxation.

The most opiate-like Kratom is red Kratom. All the strains of red color contain a high level of alkaloids that work similarly to an opiate. So, Red Thai, Red Borneo and Red Bali — these are the most «opiate-like» Kratom strains.

«What are the kratom tea effects ?», «What does kratom feel like?», «What does Kratom make you feel like?», «How does Kratom make you feel?» — these are next to be answered.  Here you have a list of top 10 typical effects Kratom proves:

  1. Kratom lifts your mood up
    The most general and the common effect it causes.  Kratom leads to a sense of absolute happiness and well-being.
  2. Kratom helps to keep focused on the activity. It gives energy for concentration on the things you do for a longer period.
    Low doses of Kratom enhance mental activity, vigilance, and industriousness.
  3. It empowers to bear the opiates withdrawal.
    Widely known that opiate is an addictive thing and if quit it is unbearable to stand the syndrome.
    But, Kratom, as long as it is a great substitute for opium, enlarges the chances to stand the thing and to get rid of opiate dependence after all. Kratom allows cutting the loose with the drug addiction.
  4. Kratom is a significant moderator of nigh sleeping.
    If having problems with night relaxation, use a high dose of Kratom and obtain relief. Waking up fresh with a feeling of rested mind and body is very important. It influences the industrious you demonstrate all day long. So, Kratom will serve you much with it.
  5. Kratom recharges the battery
    A low dose of this product ignites the hidden reserves of the organism or, if used at the beginning of the day, it engages the source you have and gives to it a kind of turbo acceleration.
    If expecting to deal with tough mental tensional work during the coming hours, this is the thing to get ready for that job.
  6. Kratom causes chilling out.
    Up a dose and get relaxation. This thing will simply vaporize the tension of the passing day wrapping you in the feeling of absolute mutual comfort when nothing disturbs and nothing abuses you.
  7. Kratom simplifies communication and getting connections between people in one group.
    It allows avoiding awkwardness in social situations and helps to warm up the atmosphere
  8. Kratom is a great aphrodisiac.
    It empowers sensation, stimulates turning on for both men and women making the sexual excitement hotter.
    But, this benefit is available just if consuming a small dose. Using a higher dose leads to the total relaxation which will obsess you and the active actions will have to be canceled.
  9. Kratom is a pain reliever.
    Kratom’s basic feature had been evaluated by the locals a long time before Kratom became a worldwide popular plant. It helps to get rid of muscle pain, spine pain or the pain caused by injuries, etc.
    Of course, it should not be taken for a substitute for medicine.
  10. Kratom allows us to experience euphoria.
    Being on the top of emotional enjoy — the feeling which one can get with the Kratom products.

Side effects of a Kratom high

Side effects of a Kratom high are the following:

Headache, dry mouth, itching, frequent urination, constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, mood changes.

Harder side effects may be:

Heart palpitations, high blood pressure, insomnia, reduction of appetite and libido,memory problems, kidney dysfunction, liver dysfunction, and even psychosis.

Dosage guidelines

To employ Kratom as an opiate substitute in order to stand the opiate withdrawal one should take into consideration that the effective dose has to be defined individually. It generally depends on tolerance capability, the weight of the body, age, type of nerve system, mental conditions, etc. And the very quality of Kratom product, as well as the type of strain play also a crucial role in this.

That means that for beneficial usage it is better to start with a low dose and detect its effects by yourself.

In case if you deal with pure tough product, powder or pills, the highly recommended dose is about 2 gm. It will be enough to start with. The alkaloids will do their job and drive you away from keening to opiates, lift up your mood and enhance focus.

The optimum quantity for obtaining benefits from Kratom is in a spectrum between 2 and 5 gm.

if you have a Kratom product of high watermark, and it is produced from the strain of Red Borneo or Green Malay, the opiate-like high can be reached with a dose of 6-8 gm.

But remember that high doses lead to a quick tolerance. Therefore, it is always better to start with the lowest dose to enjoy the Kratom benefits by arising the dose step by step. And then, after the 6-8 gm doses are passed, it is necessary to take a break in consumption for 3-4 weeks.


Kratom is a versatile product. And this undisputable advantage makes Kratom unique. This plant allows you to get a wide range of benefits. On the one end of the spectrum, you benefit from health improvement and on the other — stimulation of emotions.

The important thing is to use pure, original, high-quality Kratom products.

That is why we recommend you checking the feedback about suppliers and dealing with reliable ones.

And, for your security, please follow the recommendations of Kratom usage we have mentioned in the article.

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