History of Kratom

History of Kratom

Knowing the sense of thing gives us a clear understanding of the world we live in.

If you are about to start using Kratom or have already become a connoisseur of this awesome product, well, you might be longing to find out more about the history of Kratom.

We will discover the topic. And the point to start with is to deliberately answer the question – «what is Kratom?»


What Is Kratom?


Using the scientific category Kratom is known as Mitragyna Speciosa.

The product is a natural herb. The popularity it has is coursed by hard physiological abuse a modern human being is experiencing nowadays and consequently a necessity to cope with all that stresses, depression, apathy, and frustration that attack us day by day.

Wide spreading of Kratom is not because of the interests of the pharmaceutical business, - it is determined by the human’s longing to obtain efficient self-protection from the destroying power of disorders we face in the 21 st century.

Medical care is overfilled with medicine. But the side effects are a great threat and it is arising and arising.

That is why humanity is looking back in the hope to detect efficient instruments of old fashion kind which might struggle with modern diseases. Herbal medicine has been rigorously scrutinized in order to get side effects free treatment.

Kratom is a powerful weapon of classical medicine against stresses and frustrations.  Albeit Kratom has not been studied properly yet. It has revealed its properties and has been engaged in the wide marketing of herbal medicine, but still, it demonstrates the potential that overdoes all initial expectations. 

If not following the recommendations, Kratom can also be harmful. Especially if combine it with any alcohol or overdose. But consume carefully and reasonably – this product will reveal very beneficial for you.

Actually, there is a contradiction between some experts. One group is trying to forbid Kratom, declaring 

its addiction and others struggling for free usage and spreading of Kratom as a natural source of energy-boosting and relaxation (dependently on the dosage) and an efficient thing to help those who suffer from drug withdrawal syndrome.

When we are deeply interested in someone or something, the basic thing to find out about the object of our attention is its origination. «Where does Kratom come from?», - this question is the most frequently asked one if speaking about Kratom.




The origination of Kratom is not quite detected. As far as first reports came from the Southeast Asia let’s assume that region to be the place of Kratom’s origination. History of Kratom presents us cases of Kratom product usage by locals for a long time before now.

Nowadays Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Papua New Guinea are the countries where this plant is cultivated successfully.

Generally, Kratom belongs to the family of Coffee plants. And from the perspective of science, it is called - Mitragyna speciose.

In terms of globalization, such brilliant exotic herbs are becoming more and more available in outermost places, spreading over the world and benefiting consumers.

The skyrocketing of Kratom popularity took place due to its ability to substitute opium.

Let’s get some details concerning this item.


Historically Used As An Opium Substitute:


During the centuries native societies exploited Kratom stimulating properties to bear severance of life. It was known as a remedy for improving sexual potency and coping with fatigue coursed by hard-working in the fields and depleting sun heat.

Naturally, the tribes consumed Kratom in different ways – smoking its dry leaves, eating and chewing it and obtaining a variety of afterward effects.

But the most recognition of Kratom is to be a cool alternative for opium.

In spite of the fact that kratom contains no classical opiates, due to the alkaloids Kratom influences humans similar to opium if used in high doses. that is because alkaloids and opiates have great resemblance in terms of chemical analyses.

consequently, has Kratom revealed to be a potent substitution in treating opium addiction.

Adulteration of Kratom has coursed dozens of deaths. But there isn’t any coursed by wholly Kratom products using.

In the 19th century the usage of Kratom as an opium substitution was documented by Willem Korthals.

As long as opium products were not affordable, those who wanted to get any kind of euphoria effect, hunted Kratom. At the same time, there is documentation testimony of using Kratom for opium withdrawal.

So, some used Kratom because of not being able to get opium, some used Kratom to get rid of opium addiction, and some used it for medical purposes to treat diarrhea and diabetes, or to get energy for hard work, or while tribes festivals and gatherings.

So, now you are familiar with this product’s history, you know about Kratom origin and dove deeper in the cultural aspects of its initial usage. 


The last thing is to detect where to buy it right now.


Where to Buy Best Kratom?

Kratom products are available in plenty of variants – liquid Kratom, kratom powder, Kratom pills.

There is no problem with purchasing Kratom, but due to its popularity, there is a great number of adulteration and counterfeit. Beware, consumption of faked production may course serious troubles and harm your health.

Due diligence has to be done. Try to deal only with trustworthy suppliers, detecting their corporate image by checking references and feedbacks.

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