Best Kratom Strains for Focus and Energy

Best Kratom Strains for Focus and Energy

Welcome to the excursion over unique and fascinating product — Kratom. Humanity has always been trying to obtain harmless natural source of energy and peppiness. As well as — sedative.

Locals of Bali and Thailand know and use Kratom for centuries. But outlanders were nor much aware of the product we are going to present to you.

You might have heard something or even have used some of Kratom’s products, but here one can find out a lot of new useful info with some clues regarding using Kratom.

Based on the experience we got and clients’ feedbacks here is a list of Kratom that is the best Kratom for energy. It has a bright expressed simulating property:

• Red vein borneo Kratom

• Green vein malay Kratom

• Maeng da green vein Kratom

• Green vein Thai Kratom

• Maeng da white vein Kratom

Besides empowering, the powder of this plant initiates a serotonin and endorphins cascade in the bloodstream, which affects mood, helps to overcome depression and also positively affects energy level.

Kratom helps to focus better on monotonous work by releasing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which has a direct effect on the areas of the brain that are responsible for learning, attention, memory.

Athletes often use Kratom since it accelerates the delivery of oxygenated blood to the muscles. This enhances stamina.

Do you like coffee? Did you know that coffee is similar to Kratom? Well, scientific analysis proves that coffee and Kratom belong to the same plant family. On the one hand, they have a common property — stimulation. But on the other hand, they have a lot of differences. Coffee does not have analgesic and sedative effects. In this regard, coffee and Kratom should not be consumed during the same day to avoid unpredictable effects which can be caused by the multidirectional properties of these two products.

Maeng da Kratom

It is one of the most energy-boosting Kratom. Kratom’s varieties are distinguished because of the differences in colors of the veins — green, red or white. And the very origination of the plant gives some more marks to differentiate products. There are Borneo, Malay, Thai and Sumatra Kratom’s strains. Because of the climatic difference, each variety possess its own characteristics, taste, and nuances.

Maeng da white perfectly increases energy if is used in the right dosage. That’s why the majority prefers this strain.

To define what type of Kratom is better for you, it is better to try each one and via experience detect the most suitable for you. Remember that Kratom allows us to mix its products and get a brand-new combination with the new effects. That is one of the unique features of the product. So, go ahead and take advantage of this property of Kratom. You can create your own list of combinations and match each of them to the specific days and your expectations.

Isn’t it awesome to able to modulate the new balance of effects — stimulating and sedative, relaxing or concentration? Scrutinize the info below and you will get the necessary knowledge about all specifics of Kratom. And do not forget to familiarize yourself with the contraindications for Kratom consumption.

Borneo Kratom

The uniqueness of this variety is that the stimulating result is replaced by the relaxing one. So, it is normal to consume the powder in the evening, when it is crucial to finish many important projects first and then get relax and go sleep, and not to get up till the morning.

Malay Kratom

The properties of green Malay Kratom are similar to Borneo Red. At first, you can feel a pronounced incentive effect, that is replaced by an anesthetic and relaxing one. The difference is that the second phase of Malay Kratom is less pronounced than the second phase the powder from the island of Borneo.

Thai Kratom

This variety is considered to be «classic». Its taste is the most bitter one. This fact performs the presence of a huge amount of alkaloids, which make it highly active at low doses. Thai Kratom is a great energy booster. In addition to a charge of energy, it gives a feeling of euphoria. Due to these properties, this variety is an excellent antidepressant that does not need to be taken on an ongoing basis.

Sumatra Kratom

To the opposite of Red Vein Sumatra Kratom which aims to relax. Well, Vein Sumatra Kratom provides the ultimate energy-boosting. It gives not only a boost of energy but also clear thinking. After that, it will enhance the result of the athlete’s actions, lifting up endurance and stamina. What is more - it will lift up libido.

This type of Kratom is very efficient for students, writers, scientists and those whose activities are associated with increased mental activity and require creativity. Sumatra Kratom causes an increased sense of motivation.

Proper dosage

For any experience with Kratom, it is important to comply with the dosage and not to exceed it. The volume of a dose of each type of Kratom can have a different effect — from soothing to stimulating. For most species, the minimum dose is 2 grams, which gives a very mild effect. Ideal for beginners. An average dose of 3-5 grams gives a balanced result — an increase in energy and euphoria. High dosages — 6-8 grams can even give a soothing, analgesic effect.

Who will benefit the most with Kratom stimulants?

Kratom may be useful almost for everyone. It has recommended itself well for students, athletes, businessmen, writers. Kratom perfectly stimulates mental and physical activity, replacing artificial stimulants. Kratom can also be useful for athletes, to relax muscles after intensive training, to relieve pain after injuries.

The powder of this plant is suitable for people who lead an active way of life and are constantly in motion. A positive effect on introverts and those who suffer from increased anxiety was also noticed in the form of gaining confidence and energy.

Those who suffer from chronic pain replace some medicines with Kratom. Unlike medicines, Kratom has a natural origin and does not harm the liver. Those who use Kratom in medicine, prefer to mix any two strains.

That is why the number of Kratom lovers in America has exceeded 500 thousand people.

So, we gently invite you to join this club.

Ways to Improve Your Experience of Kratom

Here are some tips to extend your experience of Kratom

• Choose trusted suppliers. In this case, you will receive a quality product, without impurities. This will help you to avoid disappointment in this great product. Notice, that originality and pureness can guarantee the mentioned effects.

• Pay attention to the reviews, the availability of documents that confirm the quality of the powder.

• You can get the effect more quickly by taking Kratom on an empty stomach.

• Buy several strains. That is the way you can choose the specific variety which will match your expectations and suit you the most. Experienced users can mix several varieties, receiving additional benefits or enhancing the properties of the final product. It is important to keep your perception fresh and on this purpose we recommend alternating the Kratom products. Well, it is obvious that each grain has its own internals, secondly, each product brings its unique tone and its specific dominating effects. It is generally believed that white and green sorts are energetics while the red ones are relaxants. Generally, each sort of product contents both opposite effects. Meanwhile, Green Kratom is rather more universal, its effects are, so to say, more balanced.

• You should not consume Kratom daily without special needs. The major species are strong enough, that eliminates the need for daily usage.

• For relaxation — soak with Kratom and relax.  When the warm waves are occupying your body, you will want to embrace the sofa, listen to calm music or take a nap. For this purpose, customers are advised to use red Kratom, with the dosage about 4-8 grams;

• For a sense of vitality — on the contrary, you would better take less dosage (1-3 grams) and deal with the white or green strain.  Helpful if one needs to get ready for intelligent activity — preparation for exams, paperwork or automatically lasting activity that demands to focus on the subjects and being attentive. Consume it for sports activity, training or «recharging» after a hard active night, what is more — it is an excellent alternative for coffee;

• Euphoria — is a positive state of mind and everyone can reach that state — 9 grams of the product cause joy, a lightness of the body and wish to smile. Please notice that permanent usage of the product diminishes effect and one should take a break for a month to refresh the percipience of the organism.


In conclusion, we want to give some more tips for the safe use of Kratom, so you can get maximum benefits from it.

Notice, that this product cannot be combined with stimulants because of the danger of excessive stimulation and blood pressure increase. It cannot be mixed with depressants (alcohol, benzodiazepines or opiates) because of the risks to abuse the breathing process.

Do not consume much if the threshold of sensitivity is not detected — the effect may not be liked; nausea may occur. For better effects, please follow the recommendations we give you.

Kratom gives joy and relaxation, but one can hardly treat it as some kind of «new legal drug»: the sensations of taking Kratom are pleasant, but definitely not narcotic. It is pretty similar to the senses coursed by the usage of coffee or tea. We would say that these things are comparable.

And once again, to emphasize the fact, we mention that Kratom is absolutely legal in major countries over the world, and in major states of the USA.

Take all this information into consideration.

To summarize this overview regarding Kratom and the products made of it, we shall mention that Kratom is a helpful thing that helps people to stand the challenges they face in modern life, to cope with frustrations, apathy, depression, anxiety, and anger.

If you still are not sure which Katom product to try, please explore our articles — you will find a wide scope of different reviews and overviews, that will help you to get a clear vision of what is Kratom and how to use it.

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