Eating After Kratom Or Kratom On Full Stomach - The Best Times To Take It

Eating After Kratom Or Kratom On Full Stomach - The Best Times To Take It

Kratom is conquering the world. More and more experts and common customers acknowledge Kratom’s unique medical and recreational properties.

Connoisseurs who have been using Kratom for years now are saying something like «Didn’t I tell you? », as they are irritated by the stubbornness of some governs and parts of societies refusing to admit Kratom’s benefits.

Definitely, as any mind-altering stuff, Kratom can cause side effects and a risk of overdosing.

But, aren’t these things relative to any exotic product we use in our lives? Be it tea or coffee, if having them too much you are likely to have problems with your heart bit rate, blood pressure, etc. Or let’s take any fruit, e.g. orange. Wouldn’t there be any negative consequences if you drink a few litters of the pure orange fresh? Firstly, you can get intoxication and allergic reaction to the redundancy of the microelements orange contains. Secondly, you can irritate your stomach with the acid of orange juice.

And what about sugar? Have you ever heard that sugar is called a white death?

Redundancy of sugar consumption leads to a considerable negative transformation of a human’s body, there might happen a disorder of metabolism.

Actually, whatever you eat or drink can potentially harm your health.

But, with a prudent security precaution, knowing limits, recommendations, contraindications we use coffee, tea, sugar, or whatsoever. Exceptions are drugs. Especially the heavy ones. Those things should be avoided in any case, as the consequences are too negative and risks are too high.

Let’s get back to Kratom. You might ask what are the recommendations regarding Kratom using? The response is already deployed on our website.

And this article we will disclose the topic of how Kratom goes along with common food.

We are going to speak concerning  the following items – «kratom after eating», «kratom empty stomach», «kratom on a full stomach» and generally «kratom and food»


Kratom And Food

Well, in few simple words – Kratom is better to be used fasting (on the empty stomach)

And here you got some reasons for that.

Firstly, after having eaten any food your stomach starts acting intensively. It means that the digestion process is on. So, the active elements of Kratom will vaporize faster and you will not have enough time to enjoy them completely.

Secondly, if a stomach is full, those microelements of Kratom got no direct access to receptors, as they are occupied by the elements of the food you have just eaten.

We are not sure about the opposite sequences of actions. If eating after having used Kratom, or while being on Kratom (nearest 2-4 hours), the food will also affect the result. But, some users say that eating even enhances the Kratom effects.

Yet, we can’t claim this to be fact. This assuming needs validation and studying.

The state of things shows us that each user can try eating after having Kratom and see how it goes.

But, while we do not have any considerable data regarding this issue, we recommend not to eat abruptly after taking Kratom.

As an exception, there can be eating cookies comprising Kratom powder. In this case, the very Kratom is consumed via eating cookies. This is a spreading practice. Cookies allow hiding a bitter unpleasant natural taste of Kratom (remember that Kratom is a tree, and the powder is produced from the dried and grunted leaves, so the pure Kratom powder has a respectively specific taste)


Experience With Kratom

According to the results of the 161 analyzed customers' reviews analytics came to the conclusion that all feedbacks can be classified into three classes.

The majority of users claimed that their experience of Kratom use is positive.

Among positive effects customers mentioned

  • Experiencing euphoria/wellbeing - 30 %,
  • Sense of relaxation – 23%
  • Leveling up of sociability – 8%
  • Increasing of energy – 7%
  • Pain relief - 7%

Other mentioned that they experienced the following negative effects

  • Nausea -15%
  • Chills – 8%
  • Dizziness – 7%
  • Vomiting – 6%

The third group presents other effects.

  • Substitution for drugs – 10%
  • Withdrawal – 9%

To generalize we can say that this study shows that the subjective effects of the grower pleasant. But, there are some important negative physical side-effects.

At the same time, you have to understand that any potential Kratom effects, positive and negative, depend much on the individual conditions, like age, weight, state of the nerve system, type of nerve system, physical and mental conditions.

That is why one can’t completely extrapolate his experience of Kratom using on another person. Moreover, there are dozens of different strains with their specific pronounced properties.

To detect the influence of each Kratom strain on your body and state of mind you need to explore the grower trying each strain one by one.


Using Kratom With Ease

Tossing and washing is probably the easiest and most common way of using Kratom.

This method supposes grabbing Kratom by a teaspoon, putting the dosage into a mouth, and having some water or any alcohol-free beverage at once to mix the powder with the liquid in the mouth for ease swallowing.

That is all. Nothing outstanding. As a beverage costumer generally use water, juice, or chocolate milt.


Kratom and Food Combination

Due to its not pleasant taste Kratom powder is pretty hard to be eaten just by itself without any additions.

Cocktails, juices, and other beverages help people to stand that bitter taste of Kratom.

Also, as we have already mentioned, there is a cool variant – adding Kratom powder to cookies and cakes.

Best time to take Kratom

Circumstances and conditions under which a person takes Kratom influence significantly the effects this person gets.

Kratom’s active elements can be intensified or to the opposite decelerated by means of different factors.

One of the most important factors is eating before Kratom.

In these terms, it is useful to present basic interconnection between Kratom on a full stomach and Kratom on empty stomach.

Also, we will try to answer the correspondent question «How long after eating to take kratom»


Eating After Kratom

Well, eating after using Kratom is a kind of terra incognita. There are not many studies or expert’s thoughts on the Internet regarding this issue.

While scrutinizing popular forums we found some reviews and statements showing that there might be intensifying of Kratom action and hence influence if a food is taken after Kratom. Yet, we can’t claim this to be verified and validated facts.

At the same time, there are statements that Kratom acts as an appetite suppressor. So, it actually means that there is not much desire to eat after taking the grower.

Some say that it is better not to mix Kratom with food in any case. They say that food prevents obtaining all benefits from Kratom using.

So, these contradictive versions make us believe that the best way to find out if Kratom helps or prevents you from enjoying Kratom effects is to try it by yourself. But, remember that the dosing of Kratom should stay within the recommended volume.


Kratom On Empty Stomach

So, why should you take kratom on an empty stomach? Because Kratom on an empty stomach acts more efficiently!

Let’s clarify what "the empty stomach" means. Many people wonder what time-space between eating and consuming Kratom they should have.

From the physician's point of view, an empty stomach means that a human’s body has already digested the whole meal it had. Such a state typically comes after a night's sleep and having defecation.

And using Kratom early morning is the best time. As an alternative, it may be evening. But in any case, you need to have a 4-6 hours’ time lag between eating and using Kratom.

Empty stomach means that when Kratom has been taken, it will be the only product with which the human's body interacts with.

This provides more pronounced effects of Kratom using.

Then, the user can eat in 1-3 hours. Taking Kratom should not lead to starvation.


Why Shouldn’t You eat While Taking Kratom?

Actually, we have answered this question, haven’t we? Eating while taking Kratom interferes with the process of the human receptors interacting with the microelements of the grower.

If doing so, it is highly likely that the effects of Kratom may vanish faster than you expected.

On the other hand, as we have mentioned, some people say that eating fosters Kratom activity. That might be.

However, it is still recommended to use Kratom on an empty stomach and allow all the necessary processes to unfold.


How To Use Kratom for The Maximum Benefits?

We summarized all the main recommendations aimed to make your Kratom using maximum efficiency and benefits.

Mornings are the best time for Kratom to use. And use it without having eaten before – on the empty stomach. But, if you just a beginner, you would better get a light breakfast before using Kratom. It will help to avoid nausea.

Give your stomach time to start interaction with Kratom. Once you have taken Kratom wait for a while, 1-3 hours before eating.

Avoid fatty and heavy food after using Kratom. Otherwise, you may vomit the food and Kratom out.

Consider that the best way to get the expected effects from Kratom is to use it directly as a powder. Putting Kratom in food, like cookies, is a good way to mask the bitter taste of Kratom but it generally causes that the effects come later and a bit weaker.

Capsules generally take more time to make effects.

Never use Kratom with other drugs or alcohol. It is dangerous for your health.

Kratom, as any exotic plant, shouldn’t be treated light-minded. Manage and administrate your dealing with Kratom. Keep under control doses and schedule of Kratom taking.

These simple recommendations will allow you to get all the benefits that the grower can provide a human.

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