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Extracts of leaves, flowers, fruits, and root of Psychotria colorata are traditionally used as an analgesic by the indigenous peoples of the Amazonian Kabaco. This analgesic effect has been studied in animals, and it has revealed to be reversible with naloxone, which indicates an effect mediated by opioid receptors. It is used as a painkiller in the traditional rural communities of the Brazilian Amazon. The highest rate of alkaloids is in flowers (0.7% DW) and then leaves (0.6% DW). Much lower rate of concentration in the roots (0.05% DW). Preliminary tests of extract P. of a flower colorata indicated which alkaloids are responsible for its analgesic effect, probably with opioid-like activity. Later there was indicated also a hodgkinsin, the alkaloid indole pyrrolidine. It is the main
component among several pyrrolidine indoles. Moreover, there were detected the quinoline alkaloids in the flowers of this species. Also, these alkaloids have an inhibitory effect on the binding of [3 H] -aloxone, providing a neurochemical basis for opioid-like activity.

There is reported an inhibitory effect of floral alkaloids of P. colorata on the binding of [3H] naloxone in the rat striatum and a decrease in the basal activity of adenylate cyclase. The alkaloids did not affect the binding of [3H] GMP-PNP. These data provide a neurochemical basis for opioid-like activity and indicate Psychotria alkaloids as a potential source of new biologically active opiate derivatives.

Our supplier from Africa highly recommended these dried leaves as a good pain reliever. He told that in his countryside it is a common analgesic. We tried it on ourselves, the effect is similar to a weak Kratom, or a small dosage of Kratom. But without euphoria, it’s more relaxing. We found very few reviews on the Internet about this product.

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