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Banisteriopsis caapi (ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis caapi, ayahuasca, yage, a vine of the dead, vine of souls)-
this is a rather big liana growing at tropical forests of the western part of the Amazon river basin in such
countries as Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia, and Peru.
This plant has also been found in the tropics of the Caribbean basin.
For centuries yage has been used by the Indians of South America for cooking psychoactive beverage
ayahuasca (ayawasca).

The pronounced effects

A vine of banisteriopsis caapi has a sedative property able to provoke relaxation, euphoric and
antidepressant effects. Some users mention the fostering of libido. In high doses, it can lead to
hallucinations. Though, this claim is pretty discussable.
Moreover, it is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor.


It is usually used in combination with a DMT-containing plant for preparation of the Ayahuasca holy
drink. Many other plants are also added to Ayahuasca to heal from ailments. E.g. Iporuru helps much
from diarrhea, Pfaffia is good for strengthening sexual activity. Kaapi is also used separately as an
The leaves can be smoked and brewed. The root dosage is 15-30 grams. Here you have typical
combinations for the Ayahuasca drink preparing:
Banisteriopsis caapi + mimosa hostilis
Banisteriopsis caapi + psychotria viridis
Banisteriopsis caapi + dyplopterys cabrerana


All the components of Ayahuasca are legal in the majority of countries over the world. However,
intentionally amins extraction from the plants' crude is illegal.
Nevertheless, the treating beverage Ayahuasca is absolutely legal and is out of any list of prohibited
Actually, it is merely impossible to forbid this beverage, as long as it is a decoction of hundreds of
different plants. So, the prohibition of it leads to the prohibition of all those plants. This is unreal, -
nobody is going to cut off the whole forests of Amazonia, - more than 2 million square miles.

  • Telmid Omar

    Telmid Omar

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    3 нояб. 21 г., 20:06

    Excellent tea, a serious variety, one of the best for waking up, in the morning 1.5 tsp. and how I got into a fairy tale, and so the whole day began. They are all crisp white varieties, for whom coffee is contraindicated - the best alternative. The varieties are such that with 1 tsp. love this drink forever. Shop, as always, work in all directions for 5+. I ordered it yesterday, received it today. With respect...
  • Eva Miller

    Eva Miller

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    14 июл. 21 г., 06:30

    As for the work of the store, I was completely satisfied. Advised, during working hours the operator is always in touch
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